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Healthy Eyes – A Bless

by Ana

There is no other camera like eye. Importance of eyes can be asked to a Lacrimalductblind person who exactly knows the value of these cameras granted by the nature. Researchers believe that about half of all blindness could be prevented. Unfortunately, enough research has not yet been made for eye health, due to which eye sight problems and diseases are increasing day by day in the most modern world.

Eye diseases that affect most

Most of the eye diseases are associated with aging as we age, our body muscles star to degenerate, so the eyes. Age related eye diseases are as follows:

  • Cataracts
  • Glaucoma
  • Macular degeneration

Other than aging, some diseases can also harm eyes like diabetes and “diabetic retinopathy” is the best example. It appears that more and more people are falling victim to these eye disorders every day.

Diabetic Retinopathy

Eye care

It’s important to prevent vision problems before they have chance to develop. Well, consuming sufficient vitamins, especially vitamin A, is essential for prevention. Also, an adequate supply of minerals will also be beneficial.
Appropriate eye care can decelerate natural degenerative process. Particularly, macular degeneration can be reduced with the preventative measures, correct eye exercises and good nutrition. It is also possible to reduce the affects of injury, accident, diseases and vision loss caused by strain.

Eye Care

Role of vitamins

Vitamins, minerals and much nutrition can play a key role in maintaining eye health care. There seems to be a strong bond between nutrition and the health of your vision. A, C and E vitamins play their part in looking after your eyes as follows:

  • Vitamin A can reduce cataracts and night blindness. Lack ness of vitamin A has been related to corneal ulcers and blindness.
  • Vitamin E can also reduce the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration.
  • Vitamin C needed to reduce the pressure in glaucoma, to resist the onset of cataracts, and to slow down the effects of degeneration caused by aging.

Vitamin C

Tips to remember

The below mentioned eye care tips helps you have healthy and beautiful eyes.

  • Eat lot of fresh fruits and vegetables like carrots, spinach, papaya and mangoes. These are rich in beta carotene which helps to have healthy eyes.
  • Regular exercise improves blood circulation. Only then your eyes are sure to receive enough oxygen for good performance.
  • Drink plenty of water, at least 12 glasses of water each day, to avoid any kind of puffiness in the eyes. Drinking lots of water helps to flush out waste from the body.
  • Use a clean cotton ball dipped in milk or honey to clean your eyes. Both are good and safe natural cleanser.


  • Use sunglasses during the peak day time to protect your eyes from sunrays. Direct exposure to sunrays, cause heavy damage to eyes.

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