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Diabetes – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Diabetes can strike anyone, anytime at any age. No one is secure from it and now days this disease is increasing among the people. Diabetes is like a slow poison, it destroys one’s body in a slow and steady manner. Mostly it affects the functioning of Heart and Kidneys.

In case of women, there is a type of diabetes that strikes the pregnant women in their pregnancy and it appears at the time of birth of their child but it becomes threatening for their future life as these women may become permanent patient of diabetes in later years.

Here are some latest researches and information on Diabetes, which are really important for the Diabetic patients.

  • A research has found that Vitamin D can help in preventing the Diabetes in people, who are at high risk of developing this disease.

A research of Tufts Medical Center in Boston tells that there are many implications of Vitamin D because they are inexpensive.

In study of 2,000 people with the Prediabetes tell that if there is higher level of Vitamin D in Blood, the chances of development of Type 2 Diabetes lowers. A researcher Pittas presented these results in the annual meeting of American Diabetes Association.

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Diabetes During Pregnancy: A Risk

Diabetes can strike anyone at anytime and age. No one is secure from it and now days this disease is increasing among the people. There is a type of diabetes that strikes pregnant women. Such kind of diabetes is usually noted to disappear after delivering the child, but in some cases women may become permanent patient of diabetes in later years.

A research shows that one in five women returns for the diabetes test within six months of her delivery. That’s the first checkup they are supposed to undergo to stay secure from diabetes. The American Diabetes Association recommends change in the process by which pregnant women are tested for diabetes. This will identify the moderate cases of diabetes in pregnant women, most of which would just need better nutrition and exercise.

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Healthy Eyes – A Bless

There is no other camera like eye. Importance of eyes can be asked to a Lacrimalductblind person who exactly knows the value of these cameras granted by the nature. Researchers believe that about half of all blindness could be prevented. Unfortunately, enough research has not yet been made for eye health, due to which eye sight problems and diseases are increasing day by day in the most modern world.

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Depression (major depression)

In this world, depression is considered to be one of the most familiar health conditions. Although depression cannot be categorised as weakness, but you cannot even come out of it immediately. Depression can be classified into clinical depression and main depression disorder. It is normally a medical sickness which involves both body and mind. It affects the way you think as well as your behaviour and can cause different types of emotional as well as physical problems. When you are suffering from depression, you will not be able to carry out your regular activities. It might make you feel burdened at times and your existence would be felt as a mare waste by you.

Today most of the health experts consider depression as a chronic sickness which requires long term treatment, something like high blood pressure or diabetes. Even though, few people experience just a single episode of depression, but majority of them go through frequent episodes of depression symptoms all though their lives.

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10 Interesting Things about Obesity

  1. The manufactures of child safety seats are now producing bigger sizes model after the study on the U.S children which showsobesity that more than 250000 children of the age 6 and below are so fat that they are not able to use the safety seats.
  2. There were studies conducted by the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity in Yale University. According to this study, near about 4000 people are eager to give up one year of life rather than becoming fat.
  3. The average weight of an American people has increased by 8.5 pounds from the year 1991 to 2000.
  4. In the year 2004, the Federal Aviation Administration has also increased the estimation of the weight for an average male from 170 lbs to as high as 184 lbs.
  5. Do you know in the year 2000, the airlines had spent $275 million for 350 million extra gallons of fuel in order to balance the extra weight of the passengers?
  6. Manuel Uribe weighs 1,200 pounds now which is equivalent to the weight of 5 baby elephants. He is bedridden from last 5 years. He was already left alone by his wife long ago and the reason was his tremendously increasing size.

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A few symptoms of diabetes that you should know

Diabetes or blood sugar is quite a common problem across the globe, but before getting tense about the fact that we may have this problem we need to be sure of it & we need to know the symptoms of diabetes, through which we can decide our further steps.

•    You can experience an extreme thirst. It can occur because of extra absorption of glucose.

•    Very frequent urination is one of the major symptoms of blood sugar. Body cells fail to absorb the water you are consuming and in turns it makes the excess glucose.

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