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Get Rid Of Your Panic Attacks

by Ana

I am walking up the street, full moon is shining in the sky filled with bright stars scattered all over it, cool breeze is refreshing my panic_attacks_jpgmind and I can smell the tulips — all of a sudden everything around me seems alien and unfamiliar.

I feel fright rising inside me, getting worse by every passing moment. Sweat drops appear on my forehead, my heartbeat races, and legs tremble. Something from within me tells me to run back home, which I do immediately. I crash into my bed and cry helplessly!!!

What was it that I just suffered from? It was a Panic Attack, classified as an Anxiety disorder. Panic attack is a sudden episode of acute and overwhelming apprehension and terror.

What causes a panic attack?

Several factors are involved in giving rise to a panic attack. Some of them are Stress, Anxiety, Phobia, Genetic factor, External stimulants e.g. drugs, nicotine, caffeine, Lack of confidence, Mistaken beliefs and thoughts, Alcohol withdrawal effect and Medication.

Is there a remedy available?

Can a panic attack be avoided? This is a question that arises in every neurotic patient’s mind. The answer is YES! There are few techniques and measures that can help people cope with their panic attacks.

Stress Management:

Stress is a leading factor in causing panic among masses. To escape from panic, stress MUST be avoided at all costs. A healthy mind and a healthy body are bad hosts for stress. Therefore, keeping a positive approach, shunning negative thoughts, working out on daily basis and coping with unwanted situations will definitely abolish all traces of stress from one’s life.

Anxiety Management:

Anxiety causes a person to fear potential problems, makes him unable to enjoy a peaceful sleep, drives him away from making wise decisions and causes fatigue. Developing a high level of self confidence helps eradicate anxiety.

Overcoming Phobia:

Phobia is a psychological ailment, in which a person responds with intense fear to a stimulus or a situation that most people do not consider particularly dangerous. Most common phobias are Hydrophobia (fear of water), Agro phobia (fear of crowd), Achluphobia (fear of darkness), Acrophobia (fear of height) and Bathophobia (fear of depth) et cetera.

Meditation is used to eliminate psychological and spiritual ailments from within a person. Phobias can be taken care of with the help of meditation.

Avoiding Chemicals:

Panic attacks can also be countered by avoiding drugs like marijuana, and chemicals like nicotine and caffeine.

Healthy Diet and Workout:

Exercise is a good way to excrete toxins out of body. Balanced diet helps body maintain its energy level. Both these factors work together against the causes which give birth to panic attacks.


Anti-depressant pills and mild sedatives suppress panic and anxiety. Anyhow, a psychiatrist’s prescription must be acquired before taking such medicines.

Remedy of panic attacks is hidden in removing its cause-agents. No causes – No panic attacks!! If handling these attacks by one’s own self is not easy, professional help should be attained.

Healthy life to all!!!

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