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Get Rid Of Your Panic Attacks

I am walking up the street, full moon is shining in the sky filled with bright stars scattered all over it, cool breeze is refreshing my panic_attacks_jpgmind and I can smell the tulips — all of a sudden everything around me seems alien and unfamiliar.

I feel fright rising inside me, getting worse by every passing moment. Sweat drops appear on my forehead, my heartbeat races, and legs tremble. Something from within me tells me to run back home, which I do immediately. I crash into my bed and cry helplessly!!!

What was it that I just suffered from? It was a Panic Attack, classified as an Anxiety disorder. Panic attack is a sudden episode of acute and overwhelming apprehension and terror.

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Harmful Side Effects of Drugs which contain methotrexate

Methotrexate is commonly used for cancer treatment & for autoimmune diseases.  Methotrexate is still in use for the remedy of neoplastic disorders, acute lymphoblastic leukemia etc. It is an antifolate & antimetabolite drug. It is involved in the tetrahydrofolate synthesis. It mainly helps in the DNA & RNA synthesis. It is also vastly used for rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis etc. People should be made aware about all these side effects so that they can consult with a professional if prescribed.

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Researchers Identify Neurons’ Death Causing Enzyme

neurons-death.gifU.S researchers have identified an enzyme that is being considered a key factor in neurons death in Alzheimer’s and some other neurodegenerative diseases’ patients.

The finding may help to develop some new drugs in treating these incapacitating diseases.z

In their study, the researchers thoroughly examined an enzyme that is known as HDACI and arranges chromatin, which is chromosomes’ structural component. Testing mice, the researchers found when HDAC1 was blocked in them; some of their neurons began to imitate their DNA very similar to when they were at the time of dividing. It wasn’t a usual cycle for neurons cell that caused their death. However, higher levels of HDACI avoided that process and guarded neurons.

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Head Lice are Developing Immunity – Scientists Warning

Researchers have warned few years ago, head lice in the U.S. and all over the world are developing immunity against strong insecticides used in prescribed shampoos and counter products. It takes four to five years for the parasites to adapt a new product, in spite of claims to the contrary by the manufacturers, noted Shirley C. Gordon, an associate professor at Florida Atlantic University who studies relentless head lice.

Health officials have kept on recommending the products, because drugs like the permethrin, pyrethrin, lindane and the prescription malathion still effective in some people.

But the nation’s school nurses say it’s obvious to them that families facing problem due to the bugs are annoyed with the product failures. “I had a mom drag her child into my office on the first day of school,” said Jill Burgin, a registered nurse. “She had been battling it throughout the summer and wanted advice on where to go from there.”

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New hopes for block on cancer

According to American scientists, a big step has been taken to block the chemical that plays a key role in the growth of several cancers.

The scientists have unpicked the structure of an enzyme known as telomerase and it helps to keep cells in an undying state when it is active.

In more than nine out of ten types of tumors, telomerase seems to work.

The study, which conducted by Philadelphia’s Wistar Institute’s researchers, has been published in the journal Nature

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Matushita develops DNA technology to control disease

TOKYO – Matusushita Electrical Industrial Co. claims to have developed technology that can determine a person’s response to medication as well as their risk of developing diseases.

Matsushita, better known through its well-established brand, Panasonic, collaborated with researchers at Konan University for this project. The company claims the technology is the first of its kind in the world. The technology uses artificial DNA that is dissolved in a solution rather than being attached to an electrode.

The technology electronically identifies sequence variations in a specific DNA strand, called single nucleotide polymorphisms, or SNP’s. An SNP refers to one base pair and its position in the DNA sequence that is different from the other base pair. It is these differences in base pairs which are said to generate individual differences in each person’s reaction to drugs, development diseases and other health related factors.

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