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Knee Pain – How To Avoid and Treat Knee Pain!

by Rabail

Knee pain is really killing those who suffer from this pain bear a lot. The Knee is among the most complex joint in our body that helps us to stand firm and walk with ease, but if you are suffering from knee pain this complex joint becomes the cause of so many health issues. The Knee joint is the source of linkage between thigh joint and shin bone, knee helps the legs to stay stable and for this action Tendons plays a vital role in connecting the knee bones to the muscles of the legs.


In case of knees, Pain is the biggest diagnosis and doctors ask some simple question from the person suffering from knee pain that includes a level of pain, frequency and knee flexibility.
•    Physical evaluation
•    X-rays/MRI
•    Sometimes Blood tests are conducted to diagnose the knee pain and its causes.

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Causes of Knee Pain


Injuries of Knee Ligament

Ligaments create a connection thigh bone and the bones of the lower leg, ligaments actually connects the bones and help the knee to stay stable. Knee ligament injuries are very common in sports persons and those who do heavy exercises. Sometimes in case of severe ligament injury person have to go through surgery.

Knee Cartilage Injury

Knee cartilage injury is one the biggest cause of knee pain. Cartilage is actually a tissue that covers the bone ends, knee cartilage is composed of medical meniscus and lateral meniscus located inside and outside the knee respectively. Knee cartilage injury can be treated with medication/exercise, but sometimes surgery is recommended.

Knee Arthritis

Knee arthritis is also one the common cause of knee pain, a person suffering from this arthritis offer complain about the swelling/stiffness of knees and feel pain while bending the knees. Severe stage of knee arthritis often requires surgery.


Dislocation is one of the common causes of knee pain. Be very careful while going through the stairs because mostly dislocations are caused by falling down from the stairs. Accidents are also the most common reason of dislocation. Consult your doctor in any case if you feel pain.

Improper Posture

Improper posture during exercise, jogging and skiing is also the cause of knee pain. Sometimes improper posture is the biggest cause of swelling and strain on the knee muscles.

Treatment of Knee Arthritis

Knee Arthritis is very painful and if patient ignores this pain it becomes severe and extremely painful with the passage of time. Doctors often ask the patient to lose weight because overweight causes burden on the knees and ultimately its very painful. Some exercises and pain killers are often recommended for patient suffering from knee arthritis.

Home Remedy for Knee Pain in Winters

Oil Massage

Massage is the most common home remedy to relive the knee pain, hot oil massage around the knee joints is often recommended especially for patients who feel pain during winters. Massage with olive/almond oil provides heat to muscles and helps the bones to bend smoothly.

Heat up the Muscles

If you feel that your knee pain become worse in winters you must heat up your knee muscles and for this you can use a small warm piece of cloth place it over a hot pan and apply this cloth on your knee. This will definitely give you quick relief from knee pain.

Knee Pad

Knee pads in different sizes are available in the market, choose the one that best fits on your knee. Knee pad keeps you knee warms in winters and provide relief from the knee pain.


Age factor is the main reason of knee pain, you can avoid or lower the knee pain with proper balance diet. Take such diet that can provide you the best quantity of calcium and vitamin D. Milk is the best source of calcium so add milk in your diet. Try to eat balance diet full of vitamins, healthy and balance diet will help you avoid many health related problems.

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