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Dandruff: Some Effective Remedies

In the present scenario dandruff is quite a common problem among people. It could appear because of excessive exposure to cold or heat. It could also arise because of stress, chronic constipation, fatigue, using various hair style products, pollution etc. Dandruff is also popularly known as Pityriasis simplex capillitii as well as scurf. Because dandruff flakes develop over the scalp, which becomes quite embarrassing for us.

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Remedies for Loose Skin

A perfectly fit, tight and glowing skin always compliments your body. When you have a glowing face, however your skin is quite loose, and then your complete look gets ruined. Sometimes it could appear as a result of excessive weight loss. It could also happen during the post pregnancy period.  This type of problem is one of the major causes of depression. So the following will help you to get rid of this ailment:

How to Tighten your Facial Skin:

•    To get a visible jaw as well as neck line, firstly you need to close your mouth & your lips need to be tight & nice. Now press the jaw as well as chin against your lips again & again. Never ever try to do this in a chewing way. You just need to move your jaw & chin, so that your lips or mouth remain in the same position.

•    Your facial muscles need routine exercises. Try to smile as widely as you can (until you feel the stretch). Now to push your cheeks use the ring, index & middle fingers of your hands (both the hands). Try to press them as much as you can against your cheeks.

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How to Treat Dog Bite at Home

Dog Bite

For dog bites we are aware of anti rabies injections, but there are a few home remedies that are also available to cure dog_bitesthe wounds. Though the professional assistance is very much needed but at the same time you have some easy options for healing.

•    Firstly wash the area properly with hot water, then use the soap to clean the area. Proper washing can remove the salvia which can prevent further infections. You can also use cold water & lastly use sterile gauze on the affected area.

•    Garlic is believed to be a natural antibiotic & is able to treat dog bite. Consume a few cloves of garlic regularly thrice a day (until the injury is cured).

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How to tackle eye fatigue: some home remedies

After a busy day our eyes turn tired as well as fatigued. They will need something refreshing to spend the rest of the eye_fatigueday. Here you will get various solutions for your tired eyes, which are easily available at your home.

•    For some relief from congestion as well as for nerve soothing you can apply the cold & warm water alternatively. This process has also been recommended for increasing your circulation.

•    To prepare the eye pads arrange for some cotton wool & plunge them into decrepit tea. Use this eye pad on the closed eyes.

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Emphysema: Some natural ways of keeping it in check

Emphysema is a type of lungs disorder. It makes the air sacs thin, a condition which is also familiar as bronchioles. The ultimate result is breathlessness, but there are various ways of treating this condition.

•    People suffering from emphysema should follow a very restricted diet for the first 9-10 days. They can consult with a professional for a proper diet.

•    They should live in a pollution free healthy atmosphere.

•    Consuming a tsp of lemon juice at different times during a day can give you some effective results.

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How to prevent heartburns using natural remedies

Heartburn is the result of acidity. It has no relation with heart attack, the pain happens in central chest portion. It happens mostly because of digestive disorders. If it occurs very often then you need to change your lifestyle, specially your food habit. It comes with an acute pain along with a burning sensation. Is has various way outs, but the first & foremost thing you need to change is your food habit & follow some healthy life style.

•    Before you seek a remedy you need to understand the heartburn properly, so that you can decide the next step well. Through internet you can get the proper idea of heartburn.

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