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Water Allergy

by Souti

We just can’t imagine our life without water. So we consider it as our life. However several people in this earth are suffering from water allergy. Aquagenic pruritus is another name of this allergy.  Itching is the major problem for this kind of allergy. When your skin gets in touch with water, itching starts, however you are not going to find any rashes over your skin. Sometimes it depends on the temperature of the water as well.

The following will help you get a better idea about this allergy; however consulting with a professional is the best way out.

•    The strictly accurate reason of this ailment is indefinite, but a few studies revealed that, when ingredients like fluoride, mineral deposits, chlorine etc. get in contact with excessively sensitive skin, then it could arise.

•    Some other believes that ailments like myelodysplastic syndrome, juvenile xanthogranuloma, polycythemia vera etc. could be related with the water allergy.

Some treatments are:

•    Many people are suffering this problem because of the cold temperature of the water. In such cases using hot water can lower the problem.

•    The mineral content in the water can be a cause of such problem. In such cases showerheads along with filter attachment can give you some benefit. You can also install a water purifier at your home.

•    People who are suffering from this ailment need to desist from excessively staying in the water, because it could exaggerate your problem.

•    Application of gel or oil based cream before taking your bath can give you some useful result. This oil coating over your body can minimize the itchiness.

•    Sufferers need to use cotton towels or other bathing materials instead of using synthetic things. It will help you to dry you up easily.

•    Consuming alcohol along with spicy or fried food can make the situation completely worst. So you need to keep your distance from these types of food.

•    Phototherapy with filtered UVB or Psoralen UVA can also give people (who are suffering badly) some useful relief from water allergy.

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