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Bottled Water Toxic for you and the Planet

There is no life without water. Water makes up more than two thirds of human body weight; therefore drinking water should always be clean and free of contaminants to ensure proper health.

There are more than 3,000 brands of mineral water commercially available worldwide. Most of the mineral water bottle manufacturers are not processing and bottling water according to the standards set up by the World Health Organization and the International Bottling Water Association.

The bottled water sales have increased over the past several years. Bottled water must not contain any chemical additives and must be calorie-free and sugar free. According to the study bottle water is just as polluted as a tap water.

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Water Allergy

We just can’t imagine our life without water. So we consider it as our life. However several people in this earth are suffering from water allergy. Aquagenic pruritus is another name of this allergy.  Itching is the major problem for this kind of allergy. When your skin gets in touch with water, itching starts, however you are not going to find any rashes over your skin. Sometimes it depends on the temperature of the water as well.

The following will help you get a better idea about this allergy; however consulting with a professional is the best way out.

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Benefits of a Good Drinking Habit

Water is our life, we can’t live without it. The digestive system of our body is Pure-Waterjust not able to act enough without water.

Fibre alone is not enough to give comfort, so for total body comfort we need to drink plenty of water.

  • Make sure that your drinking water is pure and free from any contaminations.
  • Water helps you to cure constipation related problems which keeps you feeling fresh & energetic.

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