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Top 5 Weight Loss Myths

by Ana

Excess weight is an important problem now days because people eat food with extra calories, our children prefer watching T.V, playing video games and spending time on computer rather than playing outdoor games etc.

Stress, eating too much junk food, lack of exercise and walk also contributes in the increase of weight.

Weight is gained when the metabolic system is unable to burn the excessive calories and convert them in to fats that deposits in the body. These extra calories are burnt through dieting or exercise.

Weight can be lost with dieting but in dieting there is chance that it makes your health worse.

Many weight Loss Diets are recommended by the Nutritionists, which can be helpful for reducing weight. The Weight Loss Myths are also there, which are found to ruin the diet plan. We look at many diet tips but we should find out which ones are the fact and which ones are Myths.

Different people have different opinions about watching Calories and losing pounds. Madelyn Ferndstorm, the Director of the Weight Management Center at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center that as a nation we have great influence of dieting on ourselves.

Every day we get new information about shedding extra Pounds. Most of the time, this information is confusing.

There are many ways of shedding Weight including Fat-Burning Pills, Exercise Machines, Low Fat Snacks and diet tips etc.

New diet books are constantly coming to the markets with latest Weight Loss advices.

So many confusions occur in the conflicting information that one cannot judge which diet plan is right for them, which is not?

It’s not that all the Weight Loss advices are not good for you, it’s like 1 person’s diet secret may not work for you. The same secret does not work for everyone. So it’s important to know the truth behind common diet tips.

Among the numerous myths present around us, myths about weight loss are on the top.

Here are 5 Weight Loss Myths Discussed

Myth1: Skipping Breakfast

Skipping Breakfast is not very effective. It will undo your efforts of losing Weight. A high-nutrient Breakfast gives the needed Calories to the body. These Calories are needed to start the burning.

Make sure your Breakfast consists of Juices, Nuts, Fruits etc. A healthy Breakfast is not equal to the heavy Meals that we enjoy at the weddings.

Myth 2: Carbohydrates are My Worst Enemy

All the Carbohydrates are not bad. Soda, a Carbohydrate is not good but another Carbohydrate Broccoli is good for health. All you have to do is to investigate, which Carbohydrates are good for you instead of worrying about all the Carbohydrates.

Increase the intake of Vegetables, fruits and High-Fiber Whole Grains. IF you cannot resist some delicious Carbohydrates like Ice Cream, try to burn it with the Exercise.

Myth 3: I Should Not Eat After 6 in the Evening

There is no special time to get done with the food. Just stop eating the food that is not good for the health. For Example: if you are watching a movie a late at Night, stop yourself from eating junk food like Ice Cream, Chips, Burgers, Fruits etc. You can go for the Salads and the Fruits etc.

Myth 4: All I have to do is to Cut Down Calories

This statement is not completely true. The total intake of Calories is important and the source of Calories is also important. You can get same number of Calories from hand full of Nuts and 3 apples. The number Calories taken from the Cheese Burger and the Coke are same.

You should just know which thing you have to choose for yourself.

Myth 5: I Need a Magic Pill to Lose the Extra Pounds

It is a hard fact but there are no such magical Pills, Positions, Creams, Belts and Shoes etc that can cut the extra weight in no time.

The Weight Loss Supplements may help but you have to fix them with the right dietary and fitness programs to take benefits out of them.

The issue of being overweight is 1 of the major problems now days. Most of the people catch diseases due to Obesity. People should try to get rid of it but they should also first do the investigation about the facts and myths of the Weight Loss.

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