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Whey Protein Supplements

by Ana

If a person wants to enhance their overall fitness and health, different supplements and proteins can be considered. Depending upon what your overall goal is, certain supplements work better than others. One of these would be increasing one’s protein intake. There a number of different ways in which to do this. One of which is using one of the several forms of whey protein.

Whey Protein Supplements

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There are many reasons that whey protein is a good source of protein. For one, it can help improve one’s performance in sports. It lowers stress levels as well as levels of cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone produced from stress that actually destroys muscle. Another benefit of whey protein is that it improves one’s immunity by increasing the level of certain antioxidants in the body. Blood pressure can also be reduced by whey protein. Whey protein can also positively affect some diseases such as hepatitis and HIV. Whey protein is easily digested and in comparison to other proteins, it absorbs best into the body.

There are different forms of whey protein. These are whey protein isolates and whey protein concentrates. Whey protein isolates are smaller parts of whey but they are able to be absorbed much more quickly into the body. This is a benefit when consumed following a workout. At that time, the body needs amino acids and whey protein isolate can rapidly fulfill this need. This would be the best use of whey protein isolate. When whey protein goes through the process to become wheat protein isolate, some of the particles that enhance the immune system are eliminated. Therefore, during the day, a whey protein concentrate is the better choice. Also, a whey protein concentrate is better than a whey protein isolate during the day because the body simply cannot use all of the amino acids afforded to the body with an isolate.

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