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Weighty Issues – Lose Five Kilos In Five Weeks

by Ana

It sounds a pretty doable task when we read Lose Five kilos in Five weeks. But how many of us would have just tried all the fad diets, crash diets and what not to knock of those extra bulging fat from our body and been unsuccessful. If losing weight was as easy as gaining them, the world would have been a better place to live in. Weight gain makes one feel so depressed because of many reasons like clothes not fitting and other health issues that it actually starts working negatively on your mind and you begin to hate yourself. Let’s just relax and follow some simple weight reduction techniques to.

Start diet today

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Be positive and get started

Even doctors and psychologists say your subconscious mind also need to be prepared for accepting the change so in case you are planning a weight loss programme first and most important be positive towards your goal and get started. No looking back.

Eat wisely

Weight loss cannot be achieved just by reducing your Intake of a few 200-300 calories less, daily. You need to not only focus on reducing the intake of calories per day but on what you eat also. Just watch your diet and ensure that you have cut down on your caffeine, processed foods which are high in salt, oily and fried foods, sugar, avoid wheat and starchy food like noodles, pasta, rice and bread as they are converted into sugar the fastest. Natural and organic food is the answer and key factor for good health.

Be hydrated

Drink plenty of water as it washes of all the toxins in your body and keeps yours system clean and balances the water level in your body. You need to have 8 to 10 glasses of water everyday.

Avoid outside food

Try not to eat outside food. Instead cook at the convenience of your kitchen. Healthy food is best when we prepare it at home. Don’t binge on takeaways and ready to cook. Instead cook a simple and balanced meal for you. It will bring in great result for you.

Foods to include in your diet

Try and bring in greens like leafy vegetables, adequate portion of nuts, and lean meat like chicken, eggs which will ensure that you have little of everything what your body requires. Include whole grain carbs, high fibre cereals in your morning breakfast, fresh fruits, sweet potatoes, olive oil, beans, flax seeds, curd, yogurt etc.

Exercise regularly

Exercise is what you need to be regular and do it religiously. So be honest and don’t cheat yourself. You need to have a fixed exercise regime and that doesn’t mean you have to sweat and pump it out at the gym. Your exercise regime can be simple and comfortable enough for you to burn those calories daily by using a mix of cardio and resistance oriented workouts with regular stretches and squats and push ups.

A healthy mind and body is the best wealth we can own, so be healthy. Be in shape; keep a watch on your bulging bellies and the pounds you increase. Think positive and just remind yourself. “I love myself”; “I love my body”. In case you feel you have really put on some pounds do take the initiative and try to lose them. With the above mentioned tips I am sure all of you can look forward to a slimmer you, definitely with your willpower and dedication. Best Wishes.

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