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The New and More Enhanced Tobacco Regulations Are Going To Be Implemented

As we had seen previously that the Tobacco Control Act has provided many affective and healthy changes in the previous year and now this act is going to turn 1 year old.

tobacco-regulationsAt the time of the anniversary of this act, several provisions are going to take effects and most of them are concerning to US foods and drugs and will be implemented by Food and Drugs administration.

The new laws are going to be implemented from June 22 and according to them a new restriction will be provided on the usage of terms ‘light’, ‘mild’ and ‘low’ on the advertising of cigarettes, along with that the packaging and marketing of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products will be enacted, these details have been provided by John R. Saffron, CEO of the American Cancer Society.

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10 Interesting Things about Obesity

  1. The manufactures of child safety seats are now producing bigger sizes model after the study on the U.S children which showsobesity that more than 250000 children of the age 6 and below are so fat that they are not able to use the safety seats.
  2. There were studies conducted by the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity in Yale University. According to this study, near about 4000 people are eager to give up one year of life rather than becoming fat.
  3. The average weight of an American people has increased by 8.5 pounds from the year 1991 to 2000.
  4. In the year 2004, the Federal Aviation Administration has also increased the estimation of the weight for an average male from 170 lbs to as high as 184 lbs.
  5. Do you know in the year 2000, the airlines had spent $275 million for 350 million extra gallons of fuel in order to balance the extra weight of the passengers?
  6. Manuel Uribe weighs 1,200 pounds now which is equivalent to the weight of 5 baby elephants. He is bedridden from last 5 years. He was already left alone by his wife long ago and the reason was his tremendously increasing size.

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How to Quit Smoking?

While getting addicted to tobacco is a life-changing event, to quit it too is one that challenges one’s willpower and resistance. However,quit-smoking when the idea of quitting comes from the heart it can be easier and research proved beyond question that a combination approach can be quite helpful to quit smoking such as counseling, go with depression medications, use of nicotine replacements such as patches, gums, inhalers, etc.

Quitting tobacco or smoking can be a slow process in great majority of cases and it calls for serious planning, discipline, commitment as well as courage on the part of the quitting aspirant.

Identify your quit day:

Set off quitting from a particular date or day, to help you plan your ways to handle co-smokers, places where smoking is the most happening thing, friends that provoke you to smoke, etc. Choose a date that will not be stressful. It would be perfect to start from a day you smoke really very little.

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Dr. Gupta being Approached for Surgeon General Post

The Cable News Network here on Tuesday reported that CNN’s chief medical correspondent has been approached by dr-guptaBarack Obama; newly elected president of United States. It is said that Obama has offered Gupta to act as America’s next surgeon general.

Dr. Gupta has not been seen for some time on CNN. It is told by CNN that the channel prevented Dr. Gupta from reporting on the channel. His prohibited works include commenting health care policy that the new government designs, since the intended appointment was learnt.

Dr. Gupta writes columns for Time magazine, contributes his reports to CBS and hosts a program ‘House Call’ on CNN. Currently he is working as faculty in Atlanta’s Emory University School of Medicine. He in past, has been a frequenter to White House. Gupta has also acted as the then-first lady Hillary Clinton’s special advisor.

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Extended Sleep May Deter Coronary Artery Calcification

Sleeping an hour longer daily may lead to a lower chance of the accumulation of calcium plaques in coronary artery extended-sleeptracts, predicting possibleheart disease , said a study published in the December 24 issue of Journal of American Medical Association. The researchers report that one additional hour of sleep per night lowered the estimated odds of calcification by 33%.

Christopher Ryan King, B.S. (University of Chicago) and his team started this study in 2001 with 495 individuals( black and white people between the ages 35 and 47) to test if a scientifically measured sleep duration was linked to the development of calcification over a 5 year period.

Coronary artery as a risk factor for atherosclerotic heart disease, also shares many of the other confounding risk factors for heart disease like old age, sex, race, obesity, education, tobacco use, apnea risk,blood pressure, alcoholism and others.

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Smoking and Asthma

Smoking is becoming very common in students under the age of 18. Smoking is very injurious to health because it damages the lungs of the human beings.

When a man or woman smokes then he or she might feel risk in breathing. Cough, wheeze and short of breath are quite common while you smoke. Smoking is harder to control with medicine.

What Are The Forms Of Smoking?

Cigarette smoking is very common in daily life. Long time smoking is very harmful to the lungs if you are an asthma patient because tobacco smoke is more effective.

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