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Male Infertility – Causes and Precautions

by Vinay M
Male Infertility

Among every six couples, one couple is always struggling with infertility. When a couple is still unsuccessful in getting pregnant even after trying for almost a year, then they should consider going for infertility treatments. Approximately 30% of infertility happens because of male infertility problems. One out of every five cases of infertility happens because of male infertility issues.

Some of the reasons behind male infertility are:

Sperm Path Problem:

Sperm Path Problem

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There are various factors at work behind the sperm not getting to their ultimate destination. It could be an obstruction at vas deferens, it could be because of blocked testicles.Sometimes ejaculation may happen prematurely and that can cause the sperm to not reach its final destination.

Harmful Lifestyle:

Harmfull Lifestyle

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Unhealthy lifestyle can leave a bad impact on your levels of fertility. Bad habits like consuming insufficient nutrients, unhealthy diet,alcohol consumption,minimal physical activities can lead to lower fertility levels.

Drug Abuses:

Drug Abuses

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Some of the drugs like opiates as well as anabolic steroids are believed to be linked to male infertility. Even if they might be useful for addressing other health concerns, but they could impact your fertility health.

Various Environmental Issues:

Various Environmental Issues

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Sometimes working with massive metal stuff, exposure to chemicals like hormones which are applied in making birth control medicines or pesticides or even excessive exposure of your testiclesto heat can minimize your fertility capabilities.

Sperm Manufacturing Ailments:

There could be more than one reason behind your sperm production ailment (not producing sperm or enough quantities of it).
It could be an infection at the reproductive tract or testicles might not have descended enough or it might be a genetic factor.

Age Related Issues:

Age related issue

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According to usual belief male fertility normally starts to shrink in their late 30s. Once at 45 it will decrease noticeably.

Cancer or Related Diagnosis:

Cancer or related diagnosis

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Chemotherapy as well as radiation have damaging effects on your fertility health. You can experience fertility problems because of testicular cancer also. Your fertility health can also be hampered because of removal of your testicles.

Stress Factor:

Stress Factor

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Though the degree of stress that could hamper your fertility health id still unknown, nevertheless it has been proved that daily unmanageable stress might leave a bad impact on your (irrespective of gender) fertility health.

Hormonal Imparity:

Sometimes men experience disorders with their endocrinal system & the path the human body likes to follow to manage fertility. However excess production of various hormones could destroy the parity of sex hormones or might be related to decreased level of testosterone.

Various Illness:

Various Illness

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Condition like chlamydia, syphilis, typhoid, smallpox, tuberculosis etc. can lower your fertility levels. However ailments such as mumps, influenza or even gonorrhea can also leave an impact.

Some of The Tests That Can Estimate Your Fertility Levels Are:

Tests That Can Estimate Your Fertility

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  • For checking infection, do a culture of fluid taken from penis.
  • For checking the sperm quality & number, do a semen analysis.
  • Physical tests of your prostate, scrotum & penis.
  • For checking hormonal disorders, there are several blood tests that can be done.

How to Prevent:

Though for genetic reason or various illnesses you cant do anything, nevertheless for reducing the possibility of lower levels of fertility you can take some precautions, like:

• Stay away from illegal drugs
• Try to keep distance from toxic stuff
• Your underwear need to be loose fitted
• Frequent alcohol intake is no no.
• If possible stay away from radiation
• Make sure you are not doing anything which can increase the chances of sexually transmitted disease.
• Try to avoid saunas or long hot bath or even hot tub.
• Stay healthy by following a good healthy life style & personal hygiene.

This is a guide to make you realize some basics, however consulting your doctor is the best way to overcome such an ailment.

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