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Susan Lucci Discussed AFib Related Stroke Risk

Susan Lucci is a famous TV star while talking about AFib related strokes she said, “Having been happily married for more than 41 years, Helmut and I are a true team. We play an active role in each other’s health and work together to manage his AFib and reduce his risk of stroke.

AFib Related Stroke Risk

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We know how much a stroke can impact all aspects of our family and we’re doing everything we can to reduce his risk. We hope the Facing AFib PSA and website will help educate others about the risk of stroke associated with AFib and will encourage them to do all that they can to manage the condition, just like us.” Atrial Fibrilliation (AFib) refers to the unevenness of heart beat and it is the major reason of stroke in America. Above15 percent of strokes in U.S.A are caused due to the abnormality of heart beat.

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Power to End Stroke: An Initiative for the good of Mankind

America has been known to do wonders to the field of health. Throughout America, health has always been an issue and they have always wanted to give the common man the best health benefits that they deserve.

StrokePower to End stroke is a product of the American heart Association or the American Stroke Association and this is a an educational campaign that would raise awareness about the rise in incidents of stroke among Americans. This is targeted towards everyone and this campaign celebrates the various cultures, creativity and finally lifestyles of the Americans.

One of the major reasons of such a campaign is to make a conscious effort to reduce strokes and the risk of strokes by more than 25% by the end of 2010. One of the biggest population that needed a critical awareness is the African Americans as they have a high heart risk rate.

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Unhealthy lifestyle may double stroke risk

Results of a UK study show that unhealthy lifestyle can put people at higher risk for stroke. People, who are less physical active, brain_attackconsume too much alcohol, smoke and have least amount of fruit and vegetables in their daily servings, have higher odds to be a victim of stroke.

According to the researchers, only a small proportion of the people who participated in the study had such lifestyle as could protect them against stroke.

A report in the British Medical Journal shows that people in UK have to spend £7bn on the condition every year.

There are some previous studies which indicate that unhealthy lifestyle like diet and smoking can increase the risk of stroke and heart attacks. However, the effects of a combination of risk factors were not quite clear in healthy people.

In their study, researchers from East Anglia University assigned one point for each healthy behavior that participants (aged 40-79) reported.

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Alzheimer’s Drugs Increase The Death Risk in Elderly People

Anti-psychotic medicines which are commonly used to cure Alzheimer’s illness may possibly increase a patient’s chancealzheimer-patients of dying within some years according to the latest study. Such surveys augment the concerns existing about such medications.

As per Clive Ballard, the lead author of the paper, working for the Wolfson Centre for age related diseases at the King’s College of London, majority of these patients suffering fromAlzheimer do not have a major risk from these specific drugs. It would put a question in everyone’s mind which is would you want to take a drug that would help you reduce aggression but increase your risk of dying sooner.

The result of this research was published in the Friday issue of the medical journal. Alzheimer’s disease is considered to be the most popular cause for dementia and causes all sorts of symptoms including delusions, excessive aggression and hallucinations.

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Stroke Survivors More Prone to Anxiety And Depression

A Dutch study says that people who survive a stroke experience poor quality of life because of stress, tiredness andanxiety-and-depression depression.

The rupturing of brain vessels become the cause of subarachnoid stroke as it fills the space between the brain and the skull with blood. In the study, those 141 men and women were included who were in the community after 2 to 4 years of having stroke.

The researchers used Stroke Specific Quality of Life scale and they found that more than 32% of these people had to suffer from stress, 23% from depression and 67% from tiredness. The researchers also found that there were overall better scores in physical function of these survivals, but scores in social and emotional areas were quite low.

The study has been published in the journal Stroke, Dec.19 issue.

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30% Decrease in Heart And Stroke Related Deaths in The US

Figures from American Heart Association (AHA) show that there is a 30% decrease in the heart diseases and strokeheart-patients related deaths in the US since 1999.

According to the experts, these improvements are somewhat surprising as the majority of the Americans tend to an inactive and obesity-friendly lifestyle.

Dr. Timothy Gardner, who is the President of AHA, says in a news release: “There is not the same decline in the major risk factors for stroke and heart disease and that’s why the work in this connection has not been completed yet.”

During seven year (1999-2006) a 30.7% drop was noted in heart disease related deaths and a 29.2% decrease in stroke related deaths.

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