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Research Reveals Tamoxifen Consumption Reduces Breast Cancer Rates by a Third

by Shilpa

Breast cancer is among the most common cancers in females around the world and for many years Tamoxifen has remained as one of the effective treatments that most doctors would prescribed. However, a new research study claims that Tamoxifen has long term preventive benefits and have managed to reduce the breast cancer rates by almost a third. The new analysis expanded upon the International Breast Cancer Intervention Study weighs the long term risks and benefits of Tamoxifen. The reports that have come in have proved that Tamoxifen has been effective and that doctors can now go ahead confidently and prescribe it to the patients.


However, this good news comes with a slight twist as it was also found that women that consume Tamoxifen were also at the risk of endometrial cancer which is a side effect of tamoxifen. The estimated risk of developing breast cancer after 20 year of examination was at around 8% with the tamoxifen group compared with 12% in the placebo group. However, the researchers did not find a significant reduction in deaths specific to breast cancer following treatment with tamoxifen. The results also show that deaths from other causes were similar across both groups and therefore the research will continue monitoring more women to get a clear picture of the impact of tamoxifen on death rates.

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