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Melanoma Exposed – An educational campaign

Melanoma Exposed, an educational campaign to raise awareness of the most deadly form of skin cancer is making waves. The major melanoma groups like The Skin Cancer Foundation, Melanoma International Foundation, Melanoma Research Foundation and Melanoma Research Alliance have got together with professional football coach Bill Cowher to help raise awareness about the skin cancer and educate the American public. About 1 in every five American has a strong risk of developing melanoma. Supported by Bristol-Myers Squibb, Melanoma Exposed is going to organize public events with professional football teams like Denver Broncos, Baltimore Ravens, New York Giants and Miami Dolphins.

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10 Warning Signs of Skin Cancer – Causes and the Treatment

Skin Cancers may include Melanoma, Basal Cell Carcinoma. These all are the types of Skin Cancer and they start as the Precancerous Lesions.

These precancerous conditions may bring changes in the Skin that are basically not Cancer but can lead to Cancer. About 40-50% of people are suffering from Skin Cancer and Skin Cancer is mostly found in the people with fair complexion.

Try to look for the early signs of Skin Cancer, if you trace them, it will easy to treat in time.

Here are few signs of Skin Cancer

Image by Christiana Care

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Types of Skin Cancer Explained

Malignant growths developing on the skin are termed as skin cancers. Generally, the lumps are found in epidermis, the top layer of the skin. These malignant cancers that generally develop in men of above 50 years of age develop at any part of the body including the scalp, underneath the nails and even on lips. However, unlike other deadliest cancers such as breast cancer, lung cancer or the bone cancer majority of the skin cancers are not dreadful and can be treated easily with appropriate treatment.


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An Overview of Skin Cancer – Causes and Risk Factors

Increased use of fertilizers in crop cultivation and increased pollution is increasing the risk of many dreadful diseases. One such disease which is taking many lives every year is cancer. There are various types of cancer depending on the organ or the body part being affected such as lung cancer, skin cancer, bone cancer etc.

Let us see about skin cancer, causes and risk factors.

Skin Cancer

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Plant Substances Can Prove to be Good for Preventing Skin Cancer

This thing is nowadays becoming very common that people are consulting plant-substancesnatural treatments for the cure of their physical as well as mental problems. Recently a research at the University of Texas Health Science center San Antonio, has shown that certain substances in plant when used in different combination can decrease the growth of skin cancer cells.

During the study the researchers tested the substances contained in grapes, berries, walnuts and a number of other plant-based foods on mice that have been genetically manipulated to be sensitive to skin cancer promotion.

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Skin Cancer – A Detailed Analysis on Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is the type of cancer that builds in tissues of the skin. This cancer develops because of the molecules found in cell (DNA) that holds the genetic information becomes damaged and the immune system of body fails to repair them.

These damaged cells starts growing and divide into more cells without reaching the maturity level. When these cells increases and multiply, tumor is formed. Skin cancer is detectable in early stages if it develops in the outer layer of skin called epidermis. In outer layer, skin cancer is viewable usually clearly. Older people are facing more skin cancer on the exposed parts of body to sun or the persons having destabilized immune system.

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