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New Study Claims Half a Million Cancer Cases Occur Due to Obesity

by Shilpa

We all know about obesity and cancer as two of the most life threatening diseases, but in a new study it has been found that obesity is associated with more than half a million new cancer cases worldwide each year. The new report highlights that nearly two thirds of obesity related cancers are found in North America and Europe. The report shows analysis of data from more than 184 countries globally. It indicates that excess weight is directly associated with 345,000 (5.4 %) of new cancer cases in women and 136,000 (1.9%) new cancer cases in men in 2012.

Cancer Cases Occur Due to Obesity

Image by Tony Alter

The report also claims that obesity related cancer cases are more common in North America with 23% of the world’s total cases. There are around 110,000 cases here in the country while the lowest numbers were found in sub-Sahara region with just 7,300 cases. In Europe, the study found that there are around 66,000 obesity related cancer cases. The study also indicates that for women, postmenopausal breast, endometrial and colon cancers make up for three quarters of the case while colon and kidney cancers are more common with men. The study also found that different countries have different cancer rates and Czech Republic has very high rate of cancers for both male and female.

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