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Researchers report to find more effective obesity treatment

by Ana

In their two new studies, the researchers report that they are quite near to find a new more effective treatment for obesity.

In one study, scientists managed to coax the brains of obese mice to precede a hormone known as leptin and that works to control appetite.


Dr. Umut Ozcan, the lead author of the study, says, “It is quite exciting as previously, leptin was considered a dead end in this connection.”

In the second study, the researchers got a new insight to an inherited trait that was associated to leanness in skinny people and seems to pack obese with extra weight.

These two studies have been published in the journal Cell Metabolism 7the Jan. issue.

So a lot of advancements have been made in treating obesity, but still it is often difficult for physicians to help fat people in losing weight with medication.


Leptin (the hormone) was discovered in the 1990s, and the researchers have been studying it. Leptin is produced with fat cells and it plays an important role in curbing appetite.

Some researchers used to believe that leptin high doses could compel people to eat minimum and control their urge for eating more. It was found that fat mice and fat people were immune to the effects of leptin.

Ozcan and team found that two drugs seemed to work as chemical chaperons and support leptin gain entry into mice brains.

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