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Researchers report to find more effective obesity treatment

In their two new studies, the researchers report that they are quite near to find a new more effective treatment for obesity.

In one study, scientists managed to coax the brains of obese mice to precede a hormone known as leptin and that works to control appetite.


Dr. Umut Ozcan, the lead author of the study, says, “It is quite exciting as previously, leptin was considered a dead end in this connection.”

In the second study, the researchers got a new insight to an inherited trait that was associated to leanness in skinny people and seems to pack obese with extra weight.

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Smoking With Obesity Increases Death Risk 8-Fold, A New Study Says

obesity smokingAll we know neither smoking nor obesity is healthier for us, but now the results of a new study shows that chances of early death are highest among obese smokers.

Lead author of the study, Annemarie Koster, who is an epidemiologist at the U.S National Institute on Aging, says: “Everyone knows that obesity and smoking are two well-known health risk factors and now our study suggests that smoking coupled with obesity increases the death risk.”

The both carry a considerable mortality risk, but especially smoking, Koster said.

“You can lower your death risk by losing weight, but if you lose weight as well as quit smoking, it can increase your health and decrease death risk,” she added.

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