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Reduce Your Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes Using Your Brown Fat

Obesity is certainly among the top health concerns, along with diabetes, but as per a new study brown fat can protect your body from obesity and diabetes naturally. The new research study claims that it focuses specifically on brown fat that is present in small quantities in adults. The research report claims that brown fat is mostly present in newborn babies as they are more prone to heat loss and since they are unable to shiver and brown fat helps them to stay warm. However, as we grow the body requires less amount of brown fat and therefore it is replaced by white fat which can lead to many more health concerns.

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EnteroMedic’s Maestro Rechargeable System Approved by FDA

Obesity is a major health concern in the United States and now FDA has gone ahead and approved a new weight loss device that can be surgically implanted to treat obesity. The Maestro Rechargeable System is the first device since 2007 that has got an approval from FDA and can treat patients above 18 years of age. The device is designed to help patients that find it difficult to lose weight. As per FDA the device is fit for patients that have a body mass index of 35-45 with at least one other obesity-related condition like Type 2 diabetes.

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Brisk Daily Walk May Reduce Genetic Obesity

People who want to cut the effect of a genetic tendency towards obesity should walk briskly for an hour daily, researchers found in a new study.

According to study author Qibin Qi, who is a research fellow in the department of nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health; heredity may play a strong role in causing obesity. The people who have obese relatives are at greater risk to become overweight, such people could reduce the chance of becoming obese by increased physical activities.

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Eating Patterns During Pregnancy can Lead to Offspring’s Obesity

A researcher Susan Brady says that in Pregnancy a woman eats for two and it has completely new meaning. It is found through researches that mother’s diet during Pregnancy can change the child’s DNA through a process known as Epigenetic Change. This change can cause weight gain at the later stages in life. Pregnant woman should take moderate amount of chocolate bars, French fries, fast food etc.

It is a fact that eating healthy food during Pregnancy can lead to a good baby’s health but at the same time the researchers have also found that there is a link between good diet and child’s obesity. It is found that mother’s diet can make Genetic Changes that help to gain Fatty Tissues.

A research conducted in the University of Southampton Studied the 300 children from Womb to their childhood and analyzed the extent of chemical change of DNA in Umbilical Cord and found that Epigenetic Changes plays a vital role in making children obese at 6 or 9 years of age.

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Tips for Caring Obesity in Children

Obesity in Children

Out of 3 children are overweight and many children are affected by childhood obesity.

This obesity can cause serious diseases the children including diabetes, asthma, and heart diseases etc. people mocked at the obese children and they themselves feel depressed about their obesity problem.

If you are the parents of such children you may also feel worried about it but with the support, encouragement and care your children can also maintain good weight.

Here are the few tips to care for obesity in the children

  • Healthy eating habits

The main cause of obesity in the children is the unhealthy eating habits. One should make major changes in their eating style like encourage a balanced diet consisting of all required basic components of food, make breakfast as your priority and control your number of meals etc.

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Interesting Facts about Obesity

Facts about Obesity

We never want to have that humpty dumpty figure that welcome ironic comments from other people but unfortunately the obesity is one of the wide spread problem worldwide and its increasing very rapidly.

Now this question arises, what is actually obesity and why it is increasing with such a high pace? According to the health experts the change in society and behavioral patterns of communities is something that is welcoming this epidemic nowadays.

According to WHO currently 1 billion adults worldwide are overweight and less than 300 million of them are clinically obese. Obesity has taken place of an epidemic still majority of people are not aware of the factors that welcomes this problem and the results that are obtained after one gets into this problem.

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