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Remedies for Loose Skin

by Souti

A perfectly fit, tight and glowing skin always compliments your body. When you have a glowing face, however your skin is quite loose, and then your complete look gets ruined. Sometimes it could appear as a result of excessive weight loss. It could also happen during the post pregnancy period.  This type of problem is one of the major causes of depression. So the following will help you to get rid of this ailment:

How to Tighten your Facial Skin:

•    To get a visible jaw as well as neck line, firstly you need to close your mouth & your lips need to be tight & nice. Now press the jaw as well as chin against your lips again & again. Never ever try to do this in a chewing way. You just need to move your jaw & chin, so that your lips or mouth remain in the same position.

•    Your facial muscles need routine exercises. Try to smile as widely as you can (until you feel the stretch). Now to push your cheeks use the ring, index & middle fingers of your hands (both the hands). Try to press them as much as you can against your cheeks.

•    To keep your facial skin tight you can wash your face 4-5 times a day with ice-cold water. Ice-cold water is also quite popular as a anti aging agent.

•    To get rid of fleshy cheeks, suck in your cheeks (both) as much as possible for you. Repeat the process again & again. You will definitely get some fruitful result.

•    You can also shut your mouth & tilt you head backward (facing toward ceiling). Now move your mouth in chewing motions (your mouth needs to be closed) & remember to apply the chin up & chin down process. Try to apply this movement almost 10 times daily to get rid of double chin problem.

Tightening Loose Abdominal Skin:

•    The easy way to escape this problem is sucking in your stomach. While you are in an office, or watching television or driving a car, make sure that your stomach is sucked in.

•    Swimming is one of the best options for people suffering of loose abdominal skin.

•    To get rid of stomach folds, stomach crunches have been identified to be quite effective. It will also able to give you some nice built as well as flexibility too.

•    All types of exercises might not be very fruitful for you, however running, push-ups, sit-ups can give you some relief.

Some General Tips:

•    Using virgin coconut oil as well as vitamin E has also been found to be quite affective for your loose skin. Consuming virgin coconut oil (3 tbsp) regularly has also been identified to be fruitful.

•    You can also use mustard oil to massage your body; it helps to recreate its flexibility.

•    Consume almost eight glasses of cold water daily, it is the best way to keep your body hydrated, which in turn helps to get rid of loose skin problem. It will also help you to move out toxins from your body.

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