No Added Health Risks Found From the Birth Control Pills

It has been thought by most of the women all around the world that taking Birth Control Pillscontraceptive pills can increase the risks of cancer and heart diseases, thus there can be the chances of no longevity too. But a recent research which has been taken by British researchers  says that there is no link between drugs and risks of dying sooner,  which on the other hand assures that women across the world who takes oral birth control pills are not risking their life.

The news had been flashed on the yesterday’s post of yahoo health news and while talking about the findings Richard Anderson of Edinburgh University and the Medical Research Council human reproductive sciences unit said that “The results of this study are enormously reassuring and suggest that in the longer term the health benefits of the contraceptive pill outweigh any risks”, Richard was not directly involved in this research but his response shows that the expert physicians are also quite happy with these findings.

The details of the research can be seen on the Friday edition of British Medical Journal. The research though assures the birth control pills to be safe but the scientists also said that their findings may only be true for the women who take older-style pills rather than the modern-style pills, so this factor should need to be always kept in mind if you are going to follow the findings of this research.