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Menstrual Cycle – The Extra Care She Needs!

by Ana

Menstrual period is the tough time that comes in the life of a woman and it repeats itself consistently after each month, during the menstrual cycle a lady experiences a roller coaster of emotion, sometimes she is happy and sometime she is aggressive.

mencycleIt’s the duty of husband/boyfriend to take care of the lady during her menstrual period because you guys can’t understand the pain and suffering which she is experiencing at that time.

The mood swings of women though sometimes irritate the other but the other should try to understand her condition and their negative attitudes will get vanished if you’ll provide due care and attention to them.

Here I am going to give some tips to those male members who want to take care of their partners during their monthly periods as mostly the men don’t understand what to do when the women shows the pain and suffering of the menstrual period.


  • The first and most important step is to keep an eye over her menstrual life cycle; you must know her dates of menstruation so that you can support them in that period. When you’ll be aware of her cycle then you’ll also get to know about the symptoms of that period and this way you’ll be easily help them out in their worries.
  • You should realize what a woman feels in that time period, though you can’t put yourself in her place but you can try to understand the pain and suffering which the lady is experiencing. You can get highly aggressive sometime and if you’ll understand her condition then you will surely not get equally aggressive on her but will try to calm her out.
  • Another factor that is going to help the lady during her periods is your love; you should shower your love in the form of care and attention for her. Provide her with all the stuff that she needs while periods like sanitary pads, pantyliners and others. She’ll surely get very happy when she’ll notice that you are taking care of her needs.

  • You should understand that during this time period a lady requires rest, try to help her out in the house chores like cleaning the room or kitchen, don’t spread mess in the home. When you’ll help her in these basic tasks then she won’t take the stress and eventually her mood will stay cool.
  • Every lady loves appreciation, your care and appreciation will make her more confident about your love for her. You must tell her how happy you are, to be her partner and these positive feelings will make her forget about the pain that the periods have brought for her.

These were some of the tips that will help you in caring for your lady during her tough time of her life, you must understand this thing that the amount of care you’ll give her while this period, the more peaceful will be the atmosphere of your home.

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vethiyaa December 27, 2011 - 9:57 pm

hai…..m havin menstrual problem every month
1st day m having painfull until i can’t control 2 cry…..
what is that solution
please i really need help……

smarika March 20, 2013 - 4:09 am

Really good article! My daughter used to stain during periods. She missed school, never went to play. I got to know about some period panties called adira period panties and bought 2 pairs. Now she is happy and she never complained of getting stained.

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