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Superfoods That Strengthens Women Health

by Souti
Superfoods That Strengthens Women Health

We all believe in getting a healthy diet, however very few of us actually fulfill this desire completely. Sometimes we get confused as to which healthy options to choose & hence finish our grocery with various confused items. There are a few food items available in the market, which are considered as super foods. These foods are good remedies to deal with various women health related issues.



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Asparagus is a huge source of vitamin K, which plays an important role in keeping our bones healthy. Snack on half a cup and soon it will work like magic, it can fulfill 1/3 portion of daily vitamin K requirement. Presence of folate helps you to avert spina bifida like birth defects.



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Beans are a rich source of protein, high in fiber but no fat. For vegetarian people it’s a great substitute for meat for fulfilling their daily protein requirement. Ailments, which can lead to heart problems like high BP, blood sugar, high heart rate, beans could be a nice remedy for these ailments.



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An excellent source of vitamin K, it goes well with vitamin D as well as with calcium &is able to make to bones healthy & strong too. One serving of kale can provide you more than twenty % of regular suggested portions of vitamin C & A.


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Berries like cranberries, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries are not only rich in vitamin C & folic acid, they also taste really good. This rich antioxidant supplier can protect your body from cancer too. According to Perryn, strawberries, blackberries & blueberries are rich sources of flavonoids, which might keep your heart healthy, because of the presence of antioxidant properties.

Instead of fresh berries, you can also buy frozen berries too, which are little less pricy.



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Convenient for the whole year, this cruciferous veggie is a huge supplier of folate, iron, vitamin C, A, K, omega-3 fatty acids & the presence of anti-cancer phytonutrients, makes it a super food.

Presence of folate, makes it quite useful for pregnant women or women who are planning to get pregnant. It can also avert osteoporosis &is able to lower the risk of birth defects.   In addition it can enhance the brain activities & hemoglobin levels in our body. Broccoli is also able to keep your heart healthy & boost your digestive system.

It has anti-cancer entities like sulforaphane, however if we boil it hard, it has the tendency to lower the level of this compound. Some other benefits of this compound are protecting against UV damage, improve skin, reduce the risk of stomach ulcer etc.

Oily Fish:

Oily Fish

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Oily fish (mackerel, sardines, salmon etc.) are rich suppliers of omega-3 fats, which can keep your heart healthy. These are great suppliers of fat soluble vitamin D also, which support our bones to stay healthy.

According to registered dietitian and spokesperson for the BDA Sasha Watkins, though it’s not finalized, but researches have proven that consuming oily fish might help in averting macular degeneration (age related blindness).



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Turmeric is quite a popular spice in Asian cuisine, at the same time turmeric is also known as a Chinese herbal medicine too, because of the presence of anti-inflammatory as well as healing compounds.

It’s a great source of curcumin & when it is mixed with vitamin D, it could lower the chances of having Alzheimer’s ailment. Turmeric is also capable of managing diabetes, prevent arthritis, and improve digestive system as well as liver function too. It also support to regularize menstruation as well as lower the pain during that situation. Presence of antioxidants generally negatively impacts the growth of tumors commonly found in women.

Flax seed:

Flax seed

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Presence of lignans along with exploding fiber, makes it a plant based item which can work like estrogen. It has the ability to reduce the risk of breast cancer. However make sure you have consulted with your doctor before adding it to your diet, because it can contradict your other medicines. Flax seed oil is quite popular as an omega-3 supplier, however in oil form flax seed can’t provide those anti -cancer benefits.

Tart Cherries:

Tart Cherries

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Tart or sour cherries like balaton varieties & Montmorency are not very sweet, they taste quite acidic. A modern research has revealed that these cherries can lower the chances of stroke. This super food is able to manage cholesterol levels & enhance insulin. It also is quite useful in lowering muscle pain as well as inflammation also.

These cherries are rich sources of a hormone known as melatonin, which can regulate the body clock by lowering sleep problems & boost up our sleep quality.



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Yoghurt is a rich source of Vitamin B6, B12, calcium, zinc, protein & potassium. They are considered as a good choice for bone & digestive health too. After having antibiotics for a long period of time, you need to work on good bacteria. Probiotic yoghurts are there to fulfill this requirement. According to experts, for keeping your bones healthy you need to consume 3 dairy products & yogurt is something which can easily be carried out too.However you need to check the label, while you are shopping for yoghurts. Because some might have extra sugar or high calories.

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