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Keep Your Kids Healthy And Happy With These Tips

by Souti

Recently, there has been a shift in parenting technique. Most new parents want to adopt a type of laissez-faire approach to raising their children. As soon as they are old enough, they start allowing them to make their own decisions. This can happen at a very early age and it is often at a point where parents should still have a lot of control over important decisions. Allowing children to make their own decisions at an age that is too young is one way that you can let them get unhealthy. It’s not just about what they eat. It’s whether or not you let them neglect their body. It’s whether or not you let them desensitise their mind. Make no mistake. What you do and what you allow your children to do when they are young has a huge impact on who they become. With that in mind, it’s important to understand what you should be doing to keep your children happy and healthy.

Regular Dental Checkups

The first thing to think about is your children’s teeth and oral health. When you’re older, you can make your own mind up about how often you see the dentist. But children should be getting regular check-ups. There is an argument floating around that, at least in the early ages, oral health doesn’t matter. They’re going to lose their baby teeth anyway so why waste money on a dentist? If you don’t take your children to a dentist, it sets a precedent for the future. You will also not know whether or not your children need specialist treatment like braces. A good dentist can be hard to find these days. That’s why you should find a dental plan at Guardian Life. There, you will be able to pick a dentist on a plan for your children and your family.

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Medicine And Doctors

It has become apparent that parents are becoming too paranoid when it comes to taking their children to the doctor. They think that the slightest sign of a bug means their children need to see a specialist. In fact, if a bug hasn’t lasted for two weeks then there is no need to go to the doctors. You just need to keep an eye on the situation and make sure that it doesn’t worsen. If it does, then you may want to take your children to the doctors. But be aware that taking your children to the doctors often increases their chances of getting ill. This is because they will be around people who are sick. As well as this, you need to consider diseases that are now born within hospitals and clinics. Do not treat the doctors like the dentists. Only take your children if you think the situation is getting worse.


Again, you do need to consider taking your children to see an optician on a regular basis. The reason for this is quite simple. At young age children won’t understand why they can’t see what’s on the board in a classroom. They just won’t be able to do their work. If you find your child is struggling at school, you should take them to the optician and have their eyes checked. You should also do this if your child is complaining of constant headaches.

Film, TV and Games

What you allow your children to watch on TV and play online is often a matter of personal perspective. Some parents won’t let small children watch films like Harry Potter. Others are perfectly happy to let their eight-year-olds marathon Family Guy. It’s debatable how much meaning a young child is picking up from a TV show like this. Do they understand everything they are seeing? Or are they just engaged by the slapstick humour that is on screen? The truth is that individual children react in different ways to this type of stimulus. However, it is important that they understand what is on screen is not real. If they are taking the films and tv shows they are watching literally; you may want to limit what they have access to.

It’s also important to consider whether children are becoming desensitised to violence, abuse and even sex. Many psychologists have argued that the amount of this type of imagery seen at an early age has a negative effect on social development. Although this type of cause is incredibly difficult to prove and there is no concrete evidence, this is the case.

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Healthy Eating

Many people believe that you should ensure your children are eating healthily so that they do not suffer weight problems. It’s true, there’s an epidemic of childhood obesity across all developed countries in the world today. For some, the situation is worse than for others but we should all be aware. However, that’s not the only reason we should limit how much junk our children are eating. Parents used to warn children that sweets and chocolate would rot the mind. While this was an empty threat, it does hold some truth. The type of food you eat on a daily basis does affect the mind. It can alter the mood and we know that a lot of sweets can make children hyperactive. If you want an easier home life, this is your main reason for limiting how much rubbish your children eat.

Exercise And Fitness

Finally, you don’t have to push your children to exercise every day. You don’t even have to make them exercise in school. While some children love this idea, others hate it. You only have to make sure they are getting some form of exercise on a regular basis. Try to find a type of exercise that they enjoy. If you are hoping to get young children interested in exercise the best way is to exercise with them. Take them to the swimming pool or down to the park on a regular basis. You’ll keep them active and it will also be good for you.

We hope you take this advice on board looking after your kids. Remember, there is no rule book for looking after children. But you do need to be careful how much freedom you give them in the early years.

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