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Interesting Facts about Obesity

by Ana

Facts about Obesity

We never want to have that humpty dumpty figure that welcome ironic comments from other people but unfortunately the obesity is one of the wide spread problem worldwide and its increasing very rapidly.

Now this question arises, what is actually obesity and why it is increasing with such a high pace? According to the health experts the change in society and behavioral patterns of communities is something that is welcoming this epidemic nowadays.

According to WHO currently 1 billion adults worldwide are overweight and less than 300 million of them are clinically obese. Obesity has taken place of an epidemic still majority of people are not aware of the factors that welcomes this problem and the results that are obtained after one gets into this problem.

The increased ratio of obesity has leaded the researchers to study the consequences of this problem and a lot of interesting information has been obtained. The Obesity is not just a massive burden of fats on your body but there are lots of fun facts and interesting facts related to this and here I have tried to show some of them to you.

  • Many researchers have proven this thing that the obesity brings huge risks of chronic diseases; they may include hypertension, Type II Diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular diseases and others. Some major and dangerous forms of cancer are also associated with Obesity.
  • A study carried by Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at Yale University has showed that over 4,000 people in an online survey has said that they’ll give up a yaer of their life than to be fat. This shows how much the people are fed up with this problem yet it’s not getting decreased.
  • While considering the data of United States only this fact comes that, the obesity rate as calculated for US is now double to that calculated in the year 1970.
  • According to some estimates Airlines are spending $275 million on 350 million additional gallons of fuel in 2000 and you know why? Yes this is the blessing of obesity as airlines are increasing the fuel just to compensate the extra weight of the passengers.
    • Another finding has been obtained from Duke University Medical Center, according to its findings the women and men who have lost 10 percent of their body weight have also reported a significant increase in their sexual quality of life.
  • The major reason of obesity is the food of restaurants; it has been declared that 35% of our daily caloric intake comes from the restaurant food. So we seemed to be helpless in front of restaurant’s food and I think you are not required to describe the consequences of it.
  • A normal person who is not considered in the class of obese people carries 25 to 35 billion of fat cells and this amount increases up to 100 to 150 billion cells when a person comes in the class of obese people.
  • The most increased epidemic in children in the 21st century is Obesity and in almost every country of the world the Obesity rate among children is rising.

So this was some of the information related to Obesity that every Obese person in fact every human must know, this information is actually a kind of warning that shows what are the further affects that you can get from Obesity.

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