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How to Quit Smoking?

by Ana

While getting addicted to tobacco is a life-changing event, to quit it too is one that challenges one’s willpower and resistance. However,quit-smoking when the idea of quitting comes from the heart it can be easier and research proved beyond question that a combination approach can be quite helpful to quit smoking such as counseling, go with depression medications, use of nicotine replacements such as patches, gums, inhalers, etc.

Quitting tobacco or smoking can be a slow process in great majority of cases and it calls for serious planning, discipline, commitment as well as courage on the part of the quitting aspirant.

Identify your quit day:

Set off quitting from a particular date or day, to help you plan your ways to handle co-smokers, places where smoking is the most happening thing, friends that provoke you to smoke, etc. Choose a date that will not be stressful. It would be perfect to start from a day you smoke really very little.

Choose comprehensive approach to quit:

Integrating several methods of quitting smoking can help you put on tracks even when you become off balance. Combine counsel with self-help guides and use nicotine skin patches and other medicines to help you quit the habit.More…

It should be remembered that what worked for Jack or Jane may not work for you as well. So you are the trier as well as the evaluator of these approaches on you. See which of these approaches work in the best combination for you.

Work your way to successfully give up smoking:

Right from the date you wanted to quit, really quit firmly. Never give temptations to take over your will power. Avoid all persons and places that tempt you to try a fag. Indulge in a good hobby instead such as working out in a gym or a jog in the morning and evening that can keep your hands as well as mind occupied. Get rid of the stale smoke smell from all your belongings. Be in a positive frame of mind.

Enjoy and celebrate when you are meeting your smoke-free goals:

Take some time to celebrate you for being firm on your stance to give away smoking habit. Even if you slip once in a while don’t be discouraged but get with a firmer will power this time. Remember the old adage, failures are stepping-stones to success and you are on your way to a smoke-free you.

Trying something different:

Acupuncture, acupressure, electro-stimulation, and hypnosis are some of the non-conventional methods being embraced by nicotine quitters these days. Although the logic behind these methods is questioned by scientific community, there are people that are seeing success with these methods. You may try an expert of these specialties that can help you quit smoking if proven methods fail in your case.

Be aware to cope with the withdrawal symptoms: Although, these symptoms are not alike in all, one need to be aware as well learns to cope with one or few of the withdrawal symptoms that might crop up.

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