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How to Combat and Overcome Depression

by Ana

If depression is cunning on you, the natural response is to look for a way to feel better. This may seem reasonable because it leads youovercome-depression to a tiresomely long loop concentrating on what you feel. Attempting to fix it directly with our mind does not work; instead it grows.

Depression is a mental state characterized by a pessimistic sense of inadequacy and a despondent lack of activity. A syndrome that exhibits a sad grief than is normal, characterized not only by negative thoughts and behaviors, but also changes in bodily functions. Depression is triggered by a combination of psychological, genetic and environmental factors. Any external events such as a stressful environment or changes in life patterns that are unwanted can trigger a depressive episode.

More… Reasons for depression could be emotional including sadness, anxiety, guilt, anger, mood swings, helplessness and hopelessness or could be physical such as  sleep dysfunction,eating disorder, weight gain or loss, loss of libido, aches and/or body pain.

There could be even behavioral reasons including no-reason crying spells, withdrawn, easily get irritable, unmotivated, loss of interest in one’s physical appearance and activities which were once of interest and resorting to drugs or alcohol, etc. The failure instincts, very critical of one’s self will lead to disappointment and one starts to put blame on one’s self for all unfortunate events leading to depression and pessimism.

Combating Depression

Set easy goals: You’re not ready for bigger responsibilities as of yet. Consult people close to you if planning to make major life decisions. It’s too soon to expect too much from yourself.

Set your priorities: Organize your tasks and do whatever you can when you can. Don’t rush on things.

It increases blood flow and energy and speeds up metabolism. Feel like your old self again.

Be with people. Call a friend you trust and spill your grits.

Give yourself occasional pampering. See a movie, go shopping, or participate in social activities. Do things to increase your self-esteem. Engage in problem solving.

Dance till you break the dance floor: Twist and twirl, rock and roll and burn negative energy off. Imagine yourself as a ballerina or a rock star.


Let it all out! Cleanse those bottled up emotions.

Write them down: Write your frustrations on paper, on a board, or even on a computer. If you’re upset with somebody, write a story and be the main character absolved in the end.

Go ahead, be a snot and blubber, then wash your face, go out and shop.

Watch a comedy show, backtrack on funny experiences. Be with people who make good jokes.

Seek professional help: See a therapist and participate actively during the recovery efforts, explore anti-depressant medications provided it is prescribed.


If all else fails, call on the “Man” up there, get the burden off your chest, and let Him deal with it. Devine intervention never fails.

Depression is not permanent by any means, in the same manner that there is no shortcut to fix it, either. As difficult as it may be to endure, this is not an all-for-nothing solution. Using whatever you muster, put it to action. The upside is that once you’re out of depression, your experience can help other people.

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