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Smoking Could Be a Depression Booster for Teens

Smoking has always been claimed to be dangerous for the health, a new teen-smokingresearch has shown its diverse affects on the mental health of teens.

It has been reported that smoking increases depressive symptoms in teens especially in those who thinks that their smoking habit will change their mood.

The study was carried on a group of 662 Canadian students who were studying between grades 7 to 11. The students were provided with almost 20 questionnaires regarding their habit of smoking.

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Preventing Depression among Children


Like adults a child can also become a victim of depression. It can be caused because of some activity or foods etc. If descriptiontreatment is not provided on time then it can make the situation worse.

•    Provide your children with well-balanced foods, which will supply carbohydrate as well as protein. If you provide only carbohydrate then after a few hours (after burning off the calories) they can feel tired.

•    Some alteration in diet can also leads to the depression.

•    Sometime deep breathing is also to release depression from body.

•    Children are always fond of chocolate, which contains excessive sugar & might motivate the allergies. Sometimes allergies are connected with mild depression.

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Depression (major depression)

In this world, depression is considered to be one of the most familiar health conditions. Although depression cannot be categorised as weakness, but you cannot even come out of it immediately. Depression can be classified into clinical depression and main depression disorder. It is normally a medical sickness which involves both body and mind. It affects the way you think as well as your behaviour and can cause different types of emotional as well as physical problems. When you are suffering from depression, you will not be able to carry out your regular activities. It might make you feel burdened at times and your existence would be felt as a mare waste by you.

Today most of the health experts consider depression as a chronic sickness which requires long term treatment, something like high blood pressure or diabetes. Even though, few people experience just a single episode of depression, but majority of them go through frequent episodes of depression symptoms all though their lives.

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How to Combat and Overcome Depression

If depression is cunning on you, the natural response is to look for a way to feel better. This may seem reasonable because it leads youovercome-depression to a tiresomely long loop concentrating on what you feel. Attempting to fix it directly with our mind does not work; instead it grows.

Depression is a mental state characterized by a pessimistic sense of inadequacy and a despondent lack of activity. A syndrome that exhibits a sad grief than is normal, characterized not only by negative thoughts and behaviors, but also changes in bodily functions. Depression is triggered by a combination of psychological, genetic and environmental factors. Any external events such as a stressful environment or changes in life patterns that are unwanted can trigger a depressive episode.

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How to Deal With Depression?

What is depression?

Depression is a state of mind where the person feels anxious mental condition. The person has negative thoughts and pessimistic deal with depressionfeeling, he remain continually in sad mood. The person feels alone and his thoughts can lead him to serious mental illness, schizophrenia and some time he tries for committing suicide.

Depression is not a sign of person weakness it has become a common disorder in today’s hectic world. There are many reasons of depression but one can easily identify the symptoms of depression and help the person to overcome it.

Only some symptoms can easily identifiable .The symptoms like getting weight or losing of weight, insomnia or excessive sleep can be the symptoms of depression. There can some other reason like guilt, helplessness, hopelessness, anxiety, fear, and decreased self esteem.

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