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Harmful Side Effects of Drugs which contain methotrexate

by Souti

Methotrexate is commonly used for cancer treatment & for autoimmune diseases.  Methotrexate is still in use for the remedy of neoplastic disorders, acute lymphoblastic leukemia etc. It is an antifolate & antimetabolite drug. It is involved in the tetrahydrofolate synthesis. It mainly helps in the DNA & RNA synthesis. It is also vastly used for rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis etc. People should be made aware about all these side effects so that they can consult with a professional if prescribed.

Trade names: TrexallTM  , Rheumatrex
Other names: Methotrexate Sodium, MTX Amethopterin.

But this vastly used compound has some injurious effects, like:

•    Long term use of methotrexate can cause liver problems.
•    You can even suffer from appetite loss & even diarrhoea.
•    Stomach pain & chest pain has also been revealed.
•    Bloody vomit or blood in the stool or urine can also happen.
•    Temporary hair loss & mouth sores can happen as its side effects
•    Even then there are possibilities of lung infections, pneumonia, skin reactions, etc.
•    It also may raise the chances of bone injury & muscle weakness or pain.
You can also experience:
Discoloration of the skin, black stools, unusual bleeding, sore throat, fever, itching, acne, and abnormal growths (lumps), breathing trouble, back pain, painful urination, yellow eyes, headache, irregular heartbeat, mood swing, vision changes etc.
•    Consult your doctor before start your methotrexate doses. Reveal all your problems & medications to your doctor.
•    Without any professional guidance never consume any anti-inflammatory drugs. Combination of methotrexate & non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can cause anaemia, intestinal irritation etc.
•    Folic acid (supplement) should be expelled while having methotrexate.
•    While consuming methotrexate do not receive any vaccination without professional guidance.
•    Pregnant women should consult your doctor before starting methotrexate doses.
•    While trying for a baby (for both men & women) do not consume it.
•    While taking methotrexate do not feed (breast feed) your baby.
•    Drink plenty of water & eliminate alcohol from your diet. Retain clear urination.
•    Maintain distance from things causes injury & try to minimise sun-exposure.
•    Try to live stress free life.

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