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Advantages and disadvantages of herbal medication

by Ana

herbal medicationIn most cases, the advantages and disadvantages of herbal medication depend on their use and the way they are used. Before taking some herbal medication, you must know about its possible side effects aside from the results you want to get from them and what do they offer. Though herbs are often quite effective, don’t reckon them a panacea or free of all side effects.

Nowadays prescribed pharmaceutical medicines carry a lot possible side effects and problem along with them and perhaps that’s a reason that health supplements and herbal medicines are getting more and more popular with every passing day. Most of these herbal and natural medications have quite well-known advantages and reckoned free of any side effects.

There are several advantages as well as disadvantages of herbal medications and remedies. Let’s talk about the advantages first.


  1. More often these herbal remedies and medications are not costly enough especially if they are compared withpharmaceutical remedies 1 pharmaceutical remedies. Herbs often cost a lot cheaper and convenient as well because they are not manufactured or developed.
  2. Sometimes herbal medicines prove more effective than the traditional prescribed medicines. Usually people seek some other alternative when they have dissatisfaction for their current healthcare and often they find a better alternative in the form of herbal medicines and supplements.
  3. Different herbs and herbal medications are quite easy to access as they are available at local drug and grocery stores as well as at online outlets. They are easy and simple to find.
  4. As they are 100% natural and without such chemicals as have a lot of possible side effects, for the majority of people this one is the most appealing advantage of herbal medications.


  1. No doubt herbal remedies have been used for old days, but it doesn’t mean that these herbal remedies andhigh blood pressure medication are safe. They may prove harmful if you take them without consulting your doctor or herbalist.
  2. There are many herbal remedies and medications that cause high blood pressure in the vessels of the lungs. Similarly, some of them may cause your immune system to get weaken and make you prone to many diseases and sickness.
  3. Sometimes it happens so that some other parts of the plant like bark, twigs and other materials find their way in them along with the required herbal ingredients. So, you are not entirely sure whether you are getting the ingredients that you need.
  4. Herbal medications dose can be a little tricky in some cases and you need to read labels very carefully to avoid such errors.

There are some advantages as well as disadvantages of using herbal medications, but the thing that is quite important for you is to consult with your doctor before deciding to take anything.

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