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Paracetamol & Its Side Effects

by Souti

Paracetamol is also popularly known as Acetaminophen in various places. One could easily get this drug over the counter. It is mostly used to lower the pain, reduce fever, little bit of aches, headaches & for flu or cold relief too. Though it’s available over the counter widely, nonetheless extreme use of paracetamol can leave an impact on your kidney, liver etc.

Though people are using it very often without knowing the facts, it is the correct time to reveal some harsh truths about Paracetamol.

Paracetamol belongs to the class of drugs, which are popularly acknowledged as aniline analgesics. This is the sole drug it is used till today. In the year of 2009 FDA decided to put some restrictions on paracetamol to avert any toxic effects on people. Nonetheless this drug is still available over the counter.


Paracetamol Side effects

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Some side effects are

  • Consuming more than 2000 mg per day (or high doses) can make you prone to gastrointestinal problems like stomach bleeding etc.
  • Heavy use of paracetamol can also lead to the situation called SICK (Small Indented & Calcified Kidney’s).
  •  A study has discovered some long term side effects on children. Giving them paracetamol tablets for fever at the very beginning of their life can enhance the possibility of asthmatic indications during the first 6/7 years of their life. It has also been revealed that using paracetamol during the very beginning of their life till 6/7 years of age can boost up the situation like eczema as well as rhinoconjunctivitis.
  •  Extreme use of this medication can also leave some bad impacts on your kidney & liver. The toxicity of paracetamol originates not from the drug but from a metabolite generated from it.
  •  One of the sevear side effects of paracetamol is acute liver failure, which is also known as paracetamol hepatotoxicity.
  •  It has been seen that prolonged use of this drug decreases the pain threshold of a person. He / she can become less tolerant to pain.
  •  Habitual uses of paracetamol can even increase the possibility of blood cancer.

Some other side effects of paracitamol are

Paracetamol Toxicity

Paracetamol toxicity is a situation which can appear because of paracetmol overdose.It mainly leads to liver injury, which is one of the common reasons of poisoning widely. Sometimes people don’t develop any indications during the initial 24 hours. However others can experience nausea or abdominal pain. As time goes people start to have problems like low blood pH, reduced blood sugar level etc. If you leave the complication untreated, it can cost your life too.

Some precautions for taking paracetamol

  • People with liver problem need to avoid this drug.
  • When you are having alcohol, don’t consume paracetamol with it. It can enhance the possibility of liver toxicity. For nursing mothers as well as for pregnant women doctor’s consultation is very important, before taking any paracetamol tablet.

Some rare symptoms are

  •  Severe allergy
  • Rash
  •  Swelling or itching, mainly in the throat or tongue or on the face.
  • Breathing trouble
  •  Dizziness
  •  Sometimes even leucopenia & thrombocytopenia

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