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Harmful Side Effects of Aspirin:

by Souti

Aspirin is a salicylate drug, repudiated as acetylsalicylic acid. It’s mostly used as an analgesic to alleviate pains, minor aches, antipyretic to minimise the fever, anti-inflammatory etc. Low doses of aspirin is also prescribed to prevent blood clot, heart attacks etc.

Some of the other uses are:

lower back and neck pain, , nerve pain, the flu, menstrual pain, headache, migraines, osteoarthritis, common cold, burns, rheumatoid arthritis, sprains and strains, toothache, muscle pain,
In veterinary medicine aspirin is also used to treat arthritis & pain.
But this vastly prescribed compound has several side effects:
•    You can suffer from gastrointestinal ulcer.
•    Stomach bleeding & tinnitus can happen, especially in case of over doses.
•    You can even suffer from nausea or vomiting.
•    As a side effect you might experience dizziness, fainting & unusual weakness.
•    You can even undergo things like- hair loss, allergic reactions, mouth swelling, black stool etc.
•    People who take aspirin can experience a discoloured spot on the skin.
•    High doses can even cause certain degree of deafness.
Few precautions of aspirins are:
•    If you are taking aspirin on a daily basis, then stop alcohol consumption it can increase your stomach ailments.
•    Anti platelet properties in ASA help to prevent blood clotting, but this could increase your bleeding, in such a situation immediately consult with your doctor.
•    If you are under gout treatment, ASA can reduce the effects of the medicines.
•    If you are suffering with kidney or liver disorder then consult your doctor before you start taking aspirin.
•    If you have any history of blood clotting, asthma, allergy, stomach ulcer then consult with your doctor.
•    Aspirin should be terminated at least a week before surgery, it will increase the risk of bleeding.
•    Pregnant women & breast feeding women should consult with their doctors before taking aspirin.
•    Young adult, teenagers & children should discontinue the dose when they have chickenpox, flu-like illness or influenza. Children can even experience child arthritis.

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