Kid’s Health

Keep Your Kids Healthy And Happy With These Tips

Recently, there has been a shift in parenting technique. Most new parents want to adopt a type of laissez-faire approach to raising their children. As soon as they are old enough, they start allowing them to make their own decisions. This can happen at a very early age and it is often at a point where parents should still have a lot of control over important decisions. Allowing children to make their own decisions at an age that is too young is one way that you can let them get unhealthy. It’s not just about what they eat. It’s whether or not you let them neglect their body. It’s whether or not you let them desensitise their mind. Make no mistake. What you do and what you allow your children to do when they are young has a huge impact on who they become. With that in mind, it’s important to understand what you should be doing to keep your children happy and healthy.

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The Benefits of Homemade Baby Food

Every mother wants the best for her children and no time is more important than the first few years of a baby’s life. Good nutrition is necessary to help a baby stay healthy and strong during this time of rapid growth and change. Commercial baby foods are acceptable and will provide the minimum amount of nutrition, but parents can do more for their babies. Homemade baby foods can be a healthier, more affordable option and preparing them is not as difficult as some may believe.

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Finger Foods For Babies

Every baby is unique when it comes to mannerisms , likes and dislikes. Their taste in food varies as well. Some of them may enjoy lumpy foods , some may not. So it is very necessary as a parent to watch their activities carefully. There activities will give clues as to whether their bodies are ready to accept finger foods. Only the watchful eye of a parent can make that distinction.

As a rule of thumb it is advised that children should be exposed to finger foods when they are seven months old or more. They tend to enjoy texture in their food between the ages seven to ten months.

Specification of finger foods:

Normally any bit sized portion of food which a child can eat on his own can be termed as a finger food.It is a fun filled journey of self discovery and self reliance which a child enjoys very much and it is a very essential part of their growing up process. It can be a messy affair. But parents are advised not to be in a hurry to clean them. Let them enjoy their fun filled frolic.

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