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Growing Trend of Type 2 Diabetes Among Children

by Vinay M
Diabetes Among Children

Earlier type 2 diabetes was looked upon as an adult ailment, however this concept has changed completely. In the year of 2008 & 2009 almost five thousand people below the age of twenty has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. In the current scenario this ailment is quite common among children of ages between ten to nineteen.

This is a kind of persistent situation which leaves a significant impact on the process of metabolizing glucose undertaken by the human body.

Following signs could help you to detect the problem early:

  • Kids suffering from diabetes usually don’t get adequate insulin which can give their cells enough fuel. So food becomes the leading option for providing energy & you can see them getting hungry very frequently.
  • When you find your kid extremely tried or feeling sleepy all the time then that’s an indication that something is wrong. This condition is caused because their body might not be getting adequate sugar to activate their usual body activities.
  • When you find your kid visiting the restroom quite often, then there might be a chance that high blood sugar level in their blood stream is extracting fluid out of their tissues making them visit the bathroom very frequently.
  • Extreme thirst is another indicator of excess blood sugar levels.
  • Sometimes insulin hindrance can lead to skin darkness, which is also known as acanthosis nigricans. Usually this problem arises around the neck or armpit areas.
  • If your kid is experiencing quite slow rate of healing of their infections or any kind of wounds, this might be the indicator of type 2 diabetes.
  • Some more indicators are unusual weight loss, itchy skin, dry mouth, heavy breathing, blurred vision etc.

Children could develop risk of diabetes when they have the following:

  • When your child’s body mass index is more than 85% they have greater chances of experiencing type 2 diabetes.
  • When family members or close relatives have the same ailment.
  • If they are belong to Native American or pacific or Asian islander or African decent or Latino communities.
  • Girls have been identified to be more vulnerable to this ailment.
  • If they have a problem, known as insulin resistance.

Some other situations, which can contribute to the risk factor are:

  • Insufficient exercise or physical activity.
  • If an adult family member is overweight, it can affect the kid later.
  • Some typical medical situation or hormonal problems.
  • Poor eating. Etc.

Some preventive measures that your child can take are:

  • Encourage your kid to have a healthy diet. Limit their carbs as well as sugar intake. It could help them minimize the risk for type 2 diabetes.
  • Make sure your kid is participating in some regular exercises. You need to limit their board game or television & encourage them to go out & play. Exercise always plays an important role in averting diabetes.
  • Healthy lifestyle, like well-balanced diet, regular exercise can help them in maintaining athletic weight.
  • They tend to follow you in every aspect of life. So you need to set a good example of a healthy lifestyle in front of them, so that they can follow you without any hesitance.

Probable future side effects:

  • Children suffering from type 2 diabetes are more likely to develop some serious health issues as they grow old. Some of such ailments are, vascular ailments, damaging nerve, eye disorder etc. Such problems usually grow faster among children with type 2 diabetes than type 1.
  • Problems like hypoglycemia, weight managing problem, high BP, kidney disorder are some other ailments, which they can experience in their lifetime.

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