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Brain Friendly Foods: Keeping Your Brain Healthy

by Vinay M
Brain Friendly Food

When we face problems in concentrating, it becomes very depressing for us. As we grow old, it appears more troublesome for us to concentrate or even remember where we kept our various important stuff like, keys, phones etc. Though it’s a part of growing old, however maintaining a good diet & healthy lifestyle can help us to overcome these difficulties or focus in concentrating.

Food is like the main energy supplier for our body & choosing the right food is always helpful in boosting your mental skills like memory or concentration etc.

Following is a list of seven food items, which can help you to enhance the concentration as well as lift your cognitive activity.


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Berries are considered as small gem of a fruit, they are one of the best anti- aging foods available worldwide. They are able to lower the risk of age related ailments like Alzheimer’s as well as dementia. According to a study it has been found that berries can even postpone the memory problem by almost two & half years. For enhancing motor skills as well as learning abilities, blueberries are highly suggested.

Dark Chocolate As Well As Coffee:

Dark Chocolate

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The coffee we usually buy from regular coffee shops contain various types of additional sugars, which are not at all good for our health. They lead to more calories and other sugar related ailments like diabetes. On the other hand, free trade organic coffee can do wonders to your health. It can boost up your brain power & motor skills too. A cup of this type of coffee in the morning can encourage you to concentrate more& stay focused for a longer period of time. The presence of caffeine in chocolate can do the same wonders by providing antioxidants with rejuvenates the brain cells thereby increasing the capacity of the brain cells.



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We all know that walnut appears like a small sized brain. This basically provides a hint that we need to consume it to enhance our brain power. A research carried out in the year 2007 revealed that when a person’s dietary regime consist of more than 2 % of walnuts, it has been found to be able to conserve the age of your brain, which includes improvement in cognitive & motor skills. This rich source of antioxidants can also withstand against the impact of free radicals that can adversely impact the DNA of the brain cells.



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It’s a dark colored leafy veggie, which is an excellent supplier of vitamin E. It has been found that for enhancing brain tissues vitamin E is a good option, which is also able to manage the flow of blood in your brain by freeing dopamine.  Dopamine released in the human body has the ability to control the flow of information in the human brain. Presence of an antioxidant called lute in is capable of averting the cognitive failure.



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Though sometimes because of its high fat content it faces some criticism, however presence of mono saturated fats make it a healthy option. For keeping your skin healthy & managing your blood sugar level, it can do wonders. Combination of folate as well as vitamin K helps to enhance cognitive activity as well as avert appearance of blood clots. Avocados are a healthy choice for keeping your concentration level up & memory level high.



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Fishes that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids are an excellent option for boosting up your concentration level. Having these short of fishes can also lower the chances of dementia along with heart ailments. Various studies have proven that it has the capability to keep your memory sharp as we grow old & is able to reduce the mental deterioration too.

Having a good breakfast can boost up your brain, which helps you to stay focused & active for long a period of time. Experts suggested that skipping breakfast can put a strain on your brain. Children who start their day with a well-balanced breakfast have got better marks than those who skip breakfast. However make sure that your breakfast does not contain high levels of sugar or even calories. You can add foods like apple, almond, eggs, grapes, oats & grains in your breakfast, to give your brain an early boost up.

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