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Basil Seeds: The New Superfood

by Vinay M
Basil Seeds

This sweet tasting seeds are currently gaining popularity as a super food, because of their nutrient content. It’s an indigenous property of India known as sweet basil and it’s different from common Indian “Tulsi” or holy basil, which is mostly used for enhancing immunity system. Herbs as well as seeds from basil plants are popular as a very healthy option. As per Dr. Anju Sood (Bangalore- based Nutritionist), these tear like black seeds need to be soaked in water before consuming it.

Supports Your Weight Loss:

Managing weight

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ALA/alpha linolenic acid present in sabja seeds comes from omega 3 fatty acids that support the burning of fat of your body. It’s a rich supplier of fiber, which is able to make you feel full for a long period of time. Popularly known as tukhamaria, saabja seeds, holy basil, takmaria, tulsiare capable of controlling your appetite. Adding them with your fruit salad or in your bowl of yoghurt can make you feel full & control your appetite. Their mild flavor & low calorie content make them easy to mix with other foods.

Enhances Bone Health:

Enhances Bone Health

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It’s a rich supplier of minerals like magnesium, copper, iron, calcium, potassium etc. so if you add this in your daily meal, it can help you to boost up your bone density. By improving your bone mineral density, it can help you to avert problems like osteoporosis also.

Body Coolant:

In various Asian countries, saabja seeds are usually mixed with sugar, coconut milk & honey to make a soothing cool drink. This mixture is popular as a body coolant. These seeds are known for their ability to lower the body heat. So in various circumstances you can notice them in milkshakes or even in your nimbupani.

Relief From Anxiety:


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It’s a great stress reliever. Just take a glass full of water & mix basil seeds in it, now consume it. It will work wonders to lower your anxiety level. Study revealed that daily intake of these seeds can enhance your mood as well as lower the chances of depression & also can lower the level of stress related hormones in our body.

Maintaining Blood Sugar Levels:


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For controlling type 2 diabetes saabja seeds can do wonders by delaying the metabolism which can restrict the alteration of carbohydrates into glucose. Soak the basil seed in water overnight. In the morning take those soaked seeds & mix them in a glass of water. You healthy breakfast drink is ready.


These seeds can also provide support from health situations like gout, irritable bowel syndrome, headaches & arthritis. By releasing cytokines as well as displaying some pro-inflammatory properties saabja seeds reduce your pain.

Getting Healthy Hair and Skin:

healthy skin and hair

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Skin infection like psoriasis or even eczema can be treated with basil seeds. Crush the seeds & mix them with coconut oil. Now apply it on the affected areas. You can just warm the coconut oil & saabja seed mixture just before apply it, instead of soaking the seeds in water. Consuming these seeds on a regular basis can support in collagen secretion which is important for creating new skin cells that are suffering from common tear. It’s a great source of vitamin K, Iron etc.

Remedy for Cough and Flu:

Cough and Flu

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Presence of antispasmodic property helps in relaxing spasmatic muscles, by relieving the tension. Thus they are also able to give you some relief from whooping cough too. It’s a rich supplier of flavonoids (beta carotene, orientin & vicenin), which can build up a strong defense system in our body.

Getting Rid of Constipation and Bloating:

If you consume a glass of milk with saabja seeds before going to your bed regularly, then it can easily maintain a smooth bowel movement &can detox your body too. It’s a natural stomach cleanser. Presence of volatile oils in basil seeds support enhance digestion as well as relief from gas.

Fights Acidity and Heartburn:

Saabja seeds can negate the acidic side effects of HCL in our body. So they can ease heartburn in our human body.Water present in the soaked seeds sooths the stomach lining and thus relieves the burning sensation.

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