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Health Benefits Of Flax Seeds

by Vinay M
Health Benefits of Flax seed

Flax seeds are popular as one of the most effective plant food in the earth. Kind of tanned or brown or golden colored, these small seeds are a rich source of alpha linolenic acids (omega 3 fatty acids). Various studies have revealed that it has the ability to lower the chances of diabetes, stroke, cancer & several heart ailments.

Following is a list of health benefits of flax seeds:

Loosing Unwanted Weight:

weight loss

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In the Journal of Nutrition a study have revealed that walnuts & flax seeds can help in losing weight. Because of its fiber & healthy fat content, flax seeds can make you feel full for long period of time & it will help you to consume less. If you are serious about shredding those extra kilos then you can pour a couple tablespoons of these seeds in your salads or soups or in your smoothie too.

High in Antioxidants (Lignans):

Along with other important nutrient content, it’s a great source of antioxidants too. Lignans (antioxidant present in flax seeds) are rare fiber associated with polyphenols, which supports us in cellular health, hormonal balance & anti-aging. Lignans are also populated as a antibacterial as well as anti-viral properties, so having flax seeds can lower the chances of flu & colds too.

Flax Seed Has High Content of Omega-3 Fatty Acids:

We are aware of the omega 3 fat or fish oil benefits. Fish oil contains 2 omega 3 fats, DHA & EPA, which are absolutely necessary for your optimal growth.On the other hand flex seeds do not have DHA or EPA, but they do have ALA, separate type omega 3 fat.

A research revealed in Nutrition Reviews, that 20% ALA can be transformed into EPA, whereas only 5 % ALA can transformed into DHA. Gender does have a say on the performance of flax seeds. However ALA is still recognize as a healthy fat & need to add in our diet.

Getting Healthy Hair And Skin:

healthy skin and hair

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Adding almost 1 tablespoon of flax seeds oil in your daily meal or 2 tablespoon of flax seeds in your smoothie can give you a glowing & healthy hair & skin. The ALA fat content in these seeds along with vitamin B provides help in lowering the flakiness as well as dryness. Flax seeds are also effective in lowering the dry eye problem. You can mix these seeds in essential oil & make a healthy natural moisturizer. For lowering problems like eczema, rosacea & acne, flax seeds are a great option to choose.

Improving Menopausal Symptoms:

Presence of lignans also have some usefulness for menopausal women. Because of lignans have estrogenic properties, it is also considered as a hormone replacement cure. It has the ability to help women to maintain their menstrual cycle. If you really want some hormonal balance, then add almost 2 tablespoon of seeds or 2 tablespoon of flax oil in your smoothie.

Flax Seeds For Gluten Sensitivity:

Using these seeds are a nice option to reduce gluten incorporated grains, those that are inflammatory, on the other hand flax seeds are anti-inflammatory. For people who are suffering from gluten allergy or even celiac ailment, it’s a nice option for them.

This could be a great substitute for omega 3 fats, especially for people with seafood sensitivity. Being a gluten free option, it can be used in cooking as a grain free ingredient.

Low In Carbs But High In Fiber:

Theses seeds are rich supplier of mucilage gum content. It’s a great ingredient to keep the intestinal track healthy as well as it’s a gel formation of fiber, which is soluble in water too.

Things like lowering the sugar cravings, losing fat & detoxification of colon can also happen well because of insoluble as well as soluble fiber content

Improving Digestive Health:

Flax seeds are also popular for improving digestive health. Presence of ALA in flax is able to support the GI health & also care for the lining in digestive tract. From lowering the gut inflammation to giving support to people suffering from digestive problems or Crohn’s ailment, it serves quite a lot of purposes. For getting relief from your constipation you can mix carrot juice (8 oz) & flax seed oil (2-3 tablespoon). Flax seeds are also popular as a highest magnesium content food in the whole world.

Flax Seeds for treating Cancer:


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Flax seeds can also be beneficial for colon or prostate or breast & ovarian cancer. As per several studies revealed in Journal of Clinical Cancer Research, eating flax seeds can lower the chances of breast cancer. Flax seed has 3 lignans, which can be converted in to enterolactone and enterodiol by intestinal bacteria & is able to balance hormones. That might be the reason for its ability to fight breast cancer.

Reduce Cholesterol Level:

According to studies revealed in Nutrition & Metabolism, adding flax seeds in our diet can lower the level of unwanted cholesterol. Cholesterol and fat gets entrapped in the soluble fiber content of flax seeds and hence they do not get any chance to get absorbed.The bile that gets created in the gallbladder from cholesterol also gets trapped in the soluble fiber. It is then forced out through the digestive system. As a result the body has use up more cholesterol to create more bile. The net effect being reduction of cholesterol level.

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