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Avoid the Serious Complications of High Blood Pressure

by Souti

High blood pressure is popularly known as the silent killer. People suffering from this complication most of the time experiences stroke, blindness, kidney problem & even death. High blood pressure can effectively change your easy going smooth life. People with high blood pressure need to maintain some routine in their daily life. They just need to follow some of the activities with full courage and conviction.

•    Blood pressure is interlinked with weight; gaining weight means you are increasing your chances of suffering from high blood pressure. So try to control your weight to avoid the blood pressure related problems.
•    Maintaining a daily exercise routine is an excellent remedy to keep your blood pressure level under control.
•    Eliminate the fat food, dairy from your diet. Try to intake fresh fruits & vegetables. Proper nutrition always helps to control your blood pressure level.
•    Excessive sodium consumption can increase your blood pressure level. Control your salt consumption.
•    Exuberant alcohol consumption can enhance your pressure level to rise. Don’t cross your limit.
•    Try to reduce caffeine intake from your diet. Study reveals that caffeine always increases the blood pressure level.
•    Tobacco always increases the risk of high blood pressure. Nicotine (in tobacco) can lift the level 10 mm Hg at least.
•    Try to life a stress free life. Maintain a peaceful atmosphere around you, because stress always is a major cause of high blood pressure. Get enough sleep, think positive, do breathing exercise; meditation can also help you to reduce your stress.
•    If you suffering from high pressure, then regular check up is extremely necessary. Monitor your pressure level all the time; it is very important for high pressure patients.
•    You can join a support group of people suffering from high blood pressure. It can give you some positive strength and comfort; it will show that you are not alone.
•    For some cases proper medicine is needed, but consult your doctor before taking any of these medicines.

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