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Adverse Effects of Sun Bathing

by Vinay M

Effects of Sun Bathing

Take pleasure in the sun considered be the most delightful way to spend a holiday or even just one hour or two. But almost all of us have suffered from sunburn at some time in his/her lives. This condition is extremely itchy and painful. Too much time spend under the sun can also lead to headaches, skin pain and also increase the risk of serious diseases such as cancer.Although researchers have linked vitamin D deficiency with cancer and other health conditions like osteoporosis and osteomalacia, hypertension, heart diseases and diabetes in adults and rickets in children. It has been recorded that each year fifty to sixty thousands individuals in U.S. die prematurely from cancers caused by lack of vitamin D

Though previous studies have established that vitamin D and sun exposure can protect against infectious diseases but according to the FDA, approximately 1 in 5 people in the U. S. will be diagnosed with skin cancer at some point in their lives. The most important, preventable cause of skin cancer is extreme exposure to the sun rays.

Exposure to ultraviolet radiation is known to be an important cause of skin cancers. As these rays induce DNA damage, however for the non-melanoma skin cancers, cumulative sun exposure is believed to be essential. The prevalence of all skin cancers is rising day by day.

Previous researches in Sweden and Australia have shown that, educational programs bring significant changes in people’s opinions and acuities about skin cancer, sunlight, sun beds and sun tanning. Studies indicate that youngsters have awareness of the risks associated with sunbathing but they still expose themselves to sun without any caution.

The risks are particularly acute for:

  • Caucasians who are at greater risk than other ethnic origins.
  • Those people who have had excessive ultraviolet radiation exposure from the sun without any protection such as any use of sunscreen.
  • Fair skin people, which have 20 times more chances to develop skin cancer of any kind.
  • It has been proven that men have 2 to 3 times elevated chances than women to develop basal cell and squamous cell cancers.
  • Those who have family history of skin cancers.
  • Children, which have highly sensitive and reactive skin than adults. Playing with the sand and swimming in sea water can remove the protection. This is why children need special care while enjoying on beach.

Skin cancer’s impact is also distinguishable as it has occurred mostly to younger than those of most other cancers. “Average age of skin-cancer diagnosis is 49, and victims in their teens, 20s and 30s are not uncommon.

Premature Aging

The most obvious result of UV radiation on human skin is premature aging. The United States Environmental Protection Agency reports that up to 90% of the wrinkles and brown spots we observe on our faces are not actually age related, but are caused directly by sun exposure.

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