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10 Warning Signs of Skin Cancer – Causes and the Treatment

Skin Cancers may include Melanoma, Basal Cell Carcinoma. These all are the types of Skin Cancer and they start as the Precancerous Lesions.

These precancerous conditions may bring changes in the Skin that are basically not Cancer but can lead to Cancer. About 40-50% of people are suffering from Skin Cancer and Skin Cancer is mostly found in the people with fair complexion.

Try to look for the early signs of Skin Cancer, if you trace them, it will easy to treat in time.

Here are few signs of Skin Cancer

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Types of Skin Cancer Explained

Malignant growths developing on the skin are termed as skin cancers. Generally, the lumps are found in epidermis, the top layer of the skin. These malignant cancers that generally develop in men of above 50 years of age develop at any part of the body including the scalp, underneath the nails and even on lips. However, unlike other deadliest cancers such as breast cancer, lung cancer or the bone cancer majority of the skin cancers are not dreadful and can be treated easily with appropriate treatment.


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Melanoma: Top Cancer in Young British Women

Melanoma is quite well-known as the most dangerous type of skin cancer and now according to data released by Cancer Research UK,melanoma1 it has emerged as the commonest cancer in young women in the UK. Previously, cervical cancer was at top in the list of cancers that would strike young women.

As a considerable number of young women are becoming the victim of this deadliest type of skin cancer and the new trend is quite worrying for the health authorities. The data also indicates that people above 75 years of age had the height rates of skin cancer.

However, according to some experts it can be a start of a new perilous trend as most of younger people especially women are being found with the disease. Though a small percentage of women that aged 20 or less were diagnosed with the disease in UK, but almost 3% cases occur in those who aged 50 or less.

Considering the current rates, Cancer Research UK has predicted that the disease will emerge as the fourth commonest type of cancer in men and women within next 15 years, and the number of cases might jump to 15,500 per year from the current 9,000 cases per year.

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Seaside Stay in Childhood May Increase Melanoma Risk in Later Life

The results of a new study show that childhood seaside stay during vacations can boost the risk of melanoma in later years of life.melanoma2

In their study, Denver researchers assessed 681 kids who were born in Colorado in 1998 and after inquiring about childhood seaside stays during vacations they made some skin tests when these kids were seven years of age. The researchers looked for nevi that are quite well-known as moles. These moles are considered a big risk factor for melanoma that is the deadliest form of skin cancer.

Lori Crane, the lead author of the study, says: “The moles began to increase 5% at every seaside stay these kids had from one year of age.”

According to an estimate, there will be nearly 62,500 new melanoma cases during 2009 and almost 8,400 deaths as well.

According to Crane, exposure to sun at home or during daily routine has not been found related to those moles that kids had.

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