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10 Tips to Stay Fit and Healthy in Winter

by Ana

With winter nearing round the corner, it’s only fair to be extra cautious to take care of yourself and stay fit and healthy. Increasing your bodily immunity is important, especially for the winter season. Getting enough sleep and having the right dietary nutrients is an efficient way to boost your bodily immunity during winters. Winter is no different from other seasons, with respect to exercising your body and keeping active. It’s necessary to warm-up before exercising in winter because your body joints may have become firm or tense as a result of the cold weather.

In winter, it’s extremely crucial to be careful about what you eat. Contrary to popular belief, it is not healthy to consume fatty products with too much sugar/salt in them. Be sure to include winter fruits and vegetables in your diet, and drink plenty of water. Your diet should be packed with minerals and vitamins! You should manage your weight well, especially in winters. It may be a little fat, but it will keep adding for all the winters to come. It is best advised to keep a strict eye on your weight, especially during winter. Eat more if you’re underweight; eat with consideration if you’re too overweight.


It is extremely crucial to sleep well during winter. The drop in temperatures may stir away your sleep, but you shouldn’t let it take control of your sleeping habits. Power naps are ideally for late in the afternoon during winters. Relaxation techniques are always helpful! The skin is the biggest victim of our body during winters. It can lead to several derma-conditions. Try taking fish oils, and increase the amount of moisturizers you are using for your skin. Don’t forget to use sunscreen as well. While it’s cold outside, it’s very much possible to get sunburn; even in winters.

In winters, it is extremely likely to catch annoying diseases like cold, flu, influenza and etc. To avoid such viral infections, it’s important we take some precautionary steps. We should sanitize and keep our hands clean at all times. Drink plenty of fluids and promote circulation in your body. Supplements of vitamins can also be extremely helpful. In winters, it’s necessary that we try to avoid stress and tensions in general. Stress can lower our immunity towards viruses and diseases. It is recommended to promote a good mood and to speak to your healthcare or doctor before taking any additional supplements.

During winters our body temperatures are likely to drop immensely, with some regard to our respective part of the world where we live. Our hands and feet get cold and circulation is likely to have slowed down in most parts. The most vulnerable area in winter is the chest; heart and lungs. Don’t take of your socks and gloves for too long or stand out at night for too long.

Staying hydrated and keep your fluidity high is an important priority in winter, this usually goes unnoticed. Soups, tea and warm drinks are deliciously refreshing foods which serve the purpose enjoyably.

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