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Treating Asthma with Some Easy Herbal Remedies

by Souti


Asthma occurs because of various reasons like- allergies, or some disorders in respiratory tract or genetic reasons asthma1etc. It’s quite a common worldwide phenomenon. Though there are several medical options available but herbal cures are always preferable.

•    When you are suffering from early stage of asthma then chewing black pepper (daily before going to sleep) will give you some affective remedy.

•    Brew some ginger with lemon juice & drink the mixture for some useful cure.

•    Prepare a mixture of milk (30 ml) along with garlic cloves (10). The mixture has also been found to be effective for curing asthma.

•    For treating asthma you can also prepare a mixture of honey (1 tbsp) along with turmeric powder (1 tsp).

•    Holy Basil has been found to be quite beneficial for curing asthma. Arrange a few leaves of holy basil & combine it with some honey. It will give you some great relief.

•    Before going to sleep consumption of milk along with roasted gram will give you some cure by clearing the respiratory track.

•    You can also mix the black pepper with some holy basil & chew that for relief.

•    Add some carom’s seeds in the boiling water & then sniff the steam of the hot water. It has been also found to be quite beneficial.

•    Combination of carom’s seeds & buttermilk is also quite effective for treating asthma.

•    For curing asthma with some herbal trick you can combine honey (1 tbsp) along with safflower powder (1/2 tsp) & ingest the mixture daily twice for some effective result.

•    Adding the eucalyptus or lavender in the boiling water & then breathing in the steam will work promptly.

•    Make a mixture of black pepper along with onion juice & honey is also found to be beneficial, because onion has been recommended for relieving congestion.

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