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16 Herbal Remedies to Avoid for the Patients of Heart Trouble

Millions of people take Herbal Remedies for different diseases ranging from Cholesterol to Depression. These Remedies seem to be safe but if they interact with the prescribed drugs, they can cause serious Heart Problems.

A new research suggests interaction of Herbal Remedies and Heart Drugs can be a dangerous mix.

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A report of Mayo Clinic for the year 2010 listed more than 25 Herbal products that can really be dangerous for the patients of Heart Trouble on medication.

This guide is prepared with the collaboration of National Institutes for Health and the Natural Standard Research. This guide indicates about the 16 Herbal Remedies that Heart’s Patients should avoid.

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Treating Asthma with Some Easy Herbal Remedies


Asthma occurs because of various reasons like- allergies, or some disorders in respiratory tract or genetic reasons asthma1etc. It’s quite a common worldwide phenomenon. Though there are several medical options available but herbal cures are always preferable.

•    When you are suffering from early stage of asthma then chewing black pepper (daily before going to sleep) will give you some affective remedy.

•    Brew some ginger with lemon juice & drink the mixture for some useful cure.

•    Prepare a mixture of milk (30 ml) along with garlic cloves (10). The mixture has also been found to be effective for curing asthma.

•    For treating asthma you can also prepare a mixture of honey (1 tbsp) along with turmeric powder (1 tsp).

•    Holy Basil has been found to be quite beneficial for curing asthma. Arrange a few leaves of holy basil & combine it with some honey. It will give you some great relief.

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Herbal Remedies – How they help us

The word Herbal is used to describe things that are created from ingredients originating from plants and plant extracts. We can find aherbal-medicine whole gamete of Herbal stuffs like Herbal soaps, Herbal cosmetics, Herbal pills that help in treating illnesses as well as for other purposes like weight loss etc. Any city in the world you visit, you will always find a Herbal Shop selling Herbal medicines, soaps etc. There are a lot of chain stores which sell Herbal cosmetics, soaps etc.

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