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Top 9 Signs of Heart Failure

by Ana

The problem of Heart failure is also known as Heart congestion. This disease is bit difficult to recognize express about this disease. It is often diagnosed late.

Smokers mostly suffer from this disease.  High Blood Pressure and the Artery Coronary Disease are mostly the cause of Heart Failure.

Heart Failure

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Here are some symptoms of Heart Failure, if you suffer from any of these symptoms, urgently consult a doctor in order to avoid this problem because Heart failure can lead to death.

  1. Shortness of Breath

    One of the important symptoms of Heart failure is shortness of breath mostly during sleeping or lying. You usually wake up from sleep due to difficulty in breathing. People cannot breathe deeply or catch the breath. Feeling of congestion in Chest, difficulty in sleeping can be the clues of this symptom. Such people prefer to sleep on chair because they feel comfortable on it. They also keep more than 1 pillow while sleeping. The doctors often ask the patients for the number of pillows they keep during sleep.


    The ability of Heart to pump the Blood is weakened so, the Blood returns from lungs to the Heart and it causes leakage of fluid in the Lungs.

    When the Head is elevated, the gravity helps to flow the Blood that decreases the sensation of breathlessness.

  2. Feeling of Pressure on Chest

    Many people, who are Heart patient, they often are not able to recognize this symptom but didn’t get what is happening with them, when they experience it occasionally. It feels like a pressure on Chest or heaviness. It also feels like Lungs are filled with the Fluid while breathing. People often feel Chest pain.


    The overload of Fluid affects the Lungs and the Chest. Fluid in Lungs feels like drowning on taking breath. Congestion in Chest can exert pressure on the Lungs from outside.

  3. Tightening of Clothes and Shoes

    Fluid retention and the swelling of body is a main symptom of heart failure, this condition is difficult to recognize. Swelling can occur in different areas of the body.

    Tightness of clothes, shoes and swelling of Skin are the alarming signs of Heart failure.

    If your Ankle swells first and then you feel swelling on rest of your body and you feel unable to fit in old clothes and shoes, it may be sign of Heart failure. Swelling on Face and Neck may also be a one of the sign of Heart failure.


    Decreased flow of Blood out of the Heart can cause the Blood to return to the Heart and back in the Veins. The fluid starts accumulating in the Abdomen, Legs, Feet and congestion is caused. Due to this reason, the Heart is weakened and it unable to pump the sufficient Blood to the Kidneys.

  4. Problems of Heart’s Rhythm

    People who suffer from Heart failure often suffer from Palpitations and changes in rhythm of Heart.

    The patients may feel like irregular and fast Heartbeat. People with Heart failure feel their Heart is beating very hard same as it occur during Heart attack. If these symptoms are not treated in time, it can lead to dangerous results.


    The Heart beats faster again and again to pump Blood to the other parts of body. The Heart beats fast because it has become weak so, it is unable for the Heart to maintain the regular the rhythm.

  5. Loss of Appetite

    People with Heart failure lose their appetite. They often feel they are not feeling hungry although, they have not eaten anything and even though it’s time to eat. Such people start eating very less and gets full faster. If they eat more, their Stomach will get upset too. When these patients eat, they eat very slowly.

    Heart patients may also feel Nausea, Constipation, feeling of being sick, upset Stomach and pain in Abdomen. The feeling of heaviness in the Chest and abdomen restricts a person from eating. Heart patients feel fatigue and due to this reason, it is difficult for them to eat and even to chew.


    Fluid is accumulated in the Liver and Intestines creates problems in the process the digestion. The flow of Blood to Stomach and Intestines is reduced that ultimately results in the Constipation and Nausea. Such people feel full quickly because of swelling in the body.

  6. Anxiety

    Anxiety is the most obvious sign of Heart failure but it is often overlooked by the patients.

    Difficulty in breathing, messy thoughts, sweat in palms and irregular Heart rate are all symptoms of anxiety. The Heart’s patients are mostly not able to recognize these symptoms of stress and anxiety and they cannot catch the disease easily.

    Doctors often prescribe the anti-anxiety medicines to these patients for their mood problems.


    Congestion in Chest and in Lungs can cause weird feelings in the body are very mystifying and disturbing.

    Reduced pressure of Oxygen in the Blood leads to weakness and faintness; it can also cause loss of memory and most of time, the Heart feels an attack of anxiety.

  7. Coughing

    Coughing is one of the clear symptoms of coughing. People do not understand it and may confuse it with flu.

    Irritation in the Lungs or fluid in Lungs is required to come up. The Cough linked with the Heart failure is not felt in the Throat like the cough due to cold or Flu.

    This Cough may produce Mucus that may be White in color or having Blood in it. The cough due to Heart failure can be dry too. It may become severe with the passage of time.


    Fluid is accumulated in the Lungs because of weakening of pumping ability of Heart.

    This fluid can cause infection that ultimately leads to the Pneumonia. If a patient complains about difficulty in breathing due to accumulation of fluid, consult a doctor.

    Sometimes Cough is the side effect of medicines that are used to treat the Heart failure and other Cardiac problems.

  8. Dizziness

    Heart patients often feel faintness and dizziness. They are the common symptoms among Heart’s patients. They specifically feel dizzy, when they stand or walk.

    Dizziness can also cause the feeling of Nausea and if this feeling is linked to the palpitations, it is urgent to call a doctor.


    Insufficient supply of Oxygen to the circulatory system causes the lack of Oxygen in the cells. Different problems in the Heart’s rhythm and restriction of Blood flow to the Heart and changing level of chemicals in the Blood including Sodium can create feeling of dizziness in Heart’s patients. Standing and walking cause a plunge in the Blood pressure, this is also known as Postural Hypotension.

  9. Feeling Exhausted

    This sign is mostly found in patients with Heart’s problems. There are some precise clues that can cause Heart failures.

    It is difficult for people with Heart failure to grab their breath after exertion, such people feel tired when they walk. They may also experience sleep disorders, Chest congestion, feeling of Chest drowning and exhaustion.


    A weakened Heart cannot maintain a sufficient supply of Blood in the body so; the Blood is diverted to the main organs like Heart, Brain, Kidneys and Lungs etc.

    This situation can lead to the lack of Oxygen in muscles and ultimately you get tired quickly. Lack of Oxygen can also cause dizziness and feeling of exhaustion.

    If Kidneys don’t work properly, it also may lead to the feeling of tiredness.

    The above mentioned are some important signs of Heart Failure, if you find any of these symptoms in people around you, consult a doctor for Heart’s checkup as soon as possible, otherwise it may lead to life threatening situations.

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