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Effective Remedies for Anorexia (Loss of Appetite)


Anorexia is commonly known as loss of appetite. When we loss interest of consuming food, that state is called loss of appetite. It can occur because of some internal or external or even psychological reasons. But there are a few way outs which can give you some effective treatments.

•    Garlic is also beneficial for treating anorexia. Pour 3-4 garlic cloves in a cup of boiling water. Filter it & pour ½ tsp of lime into it. Now drink the liquid.

•    For treating anorexia apple has also been recommended. It has the potential to encourage the flow of pepsin (protein digesting enzyme).

•    Orange has the potential to enhance your appetite as well as able to increase the activity of your digestive system. So try to consume 2-3 oranges or you can have the juice also.

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