The Type 2 Diabetes Is Linked To High Risks of Many Cancers

The diabetes is one of those diseases which always welcome some other dangerous health problems like kidney problems, blood pressure and others, recently a new drawback of Type 2 diabetes have been found.

Type 2 DiabetesA large study has been taken in Sweden on almost half of the Type 2 patients of the country and it was found that these people are at higher risks of developing number of cancers as compared to the people who don’t have this disease.

The study was led by German Cancer Research center in Heidelberg and the findings have been published online in the 17 May issue of the Oncologist.

Dr Kari Hemminki, professor of Molecular Genetic Epidemiology at DKFZ and colleagues from the Karolinska Institute and Lund University in Sweden, and also from Stanford University School of Medicine in the US carried out the study and they examined the data on 125.126 people in Sweden who have been hospitalized due to some problems caused by Type 2 diabetes between 1964 and 2007.

Type 2 Diabetes 1

After the complete analysis of the data the research team found that the Type 2 patients have a higher risk of 24 cancers as compared to the general public and among those cancers the greater risks are of pancreatic cancer and it is followed by liver cancer

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