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10 Deadliest Cancers


Cancer or metastasis is the abnormal and uncontrolled multiplication of cells, which has been attributed to various triggers that results in genetic manipulation causing disturbance in the controlled and normal cell cycle, thereby leading to malignant outgrowth of tissues.

There is some kind of awareness about cancer, and there is some knowledge that cancer is not treatable if not diagnosed at early and initial stages.

However, many a times, cancer has been the silent killer. Some of the deadliest cancers that have been identified are discussed below based on the death rates.

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Cancers Now Detectable Through Saliva Tests

The cancer is no doubt one of the most dangerous diseases that man has discovered but the test to detects cancers are also quite dangerous and complicated, recently a team of researchers from the US and Japanese universities have developed a new technique by which many different type of cancers can be detected and it is the simple Saliva test.

test2Mainly the Japan’s Keio University and University of California, Los Angeles have developed this new and amazing technique with which they detects the high probabilities of pancreatic cancer, breast cancer and oral cancer.

Professor Tomoyoshi Soga at Keio’s Institute for Advanced Biosciences while discussing about this new technique said that “The survival rates of pancreatic cancer and oral cancer are especially low, because they don’t show clear symptoms in early stages, which often delays spotting of the illness”.

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The Type 2 Diabetes Is Linked To High Risks of Many Cancers

The diabetes is one of those diseases which always welcome some other dangerous health problems like kidney problems, blood pressure and others, recently a new drawback of Type 2 diabetes have been found.

Type 2 DiabetesA large study has been taken in Sweden on almost half of the Type 2 patients of the country and it was found that these people are at higher risks of developing number of cancers as compared to the people who don’t have this disease.

The study was led by German Cancer Research center in Heidelberg and the findings have been published online in the 17 May issue of the Oncologist.

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Calcium may Decrease Cancer Risk in Elderly

A huge research on the older men and women supports the evidence that calcium rich diets may keep away some cancers. The study is less precise than those had been done in the past. Because of its large number of subjects, it presents strong verification of the concept that to some extent calcium keeps the cells away from becoming cancerous.

This study also strengthens the previous idea of advantages of calcium received from food are a lot more than which is taken in the form of calcium tablets. Calcium supplements only help to protect againstcolon cancer in men while in women it reduces the risk of liver cancer.

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Health Benefits of Carrots

Carrots are not only delicious and crunchy but also rich in many important vitamins and nutrients that improve eyesight and decrease the risk of developing some types of cancers and heart diseases. It’s a fact that if you eat a whole carrot everyday or take its juice, you need not to have vitamin A supplements.

Aside from red, carrots are also available in orange and some other colors nowadays. Beta-carotene, which gives orange color to this vegetable, is considered a powerful antioxidant that decreases the damages occur because of those free radicals that increase the risk of macular degeneration, early aging and some diseases like cancer and heart diseases.

Some clinical studies show that if one consumes enough antioxidants, one is less likely to die from some types of cancer. Similarly, some other studies show that the combination of Vitamin C and Beta-carotene helped to reduce occurrence of cancer by 37 percent. The results of some studies also show that people with low levels of Beta-carotene are more likely to develop some sort of cancers like the lungs or stomach cancer.

Another important antioxidant known as Alpha-carotene is also abundantly found in carrots and it is considered to avoid cells from damages that occur due to free radicals. The results of a study conducted by the National Cancer Institute show that lung cancer is more likely to occur in men who don’t have sufficient levels of Alpha-carotene in their bodies.

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