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Liberia Witnesses First Major Ebola Vaccine Trials

by Ana

Many medical communities are working to come up with better answers to Ebola and as per the latest news the first major vaccine trials have begun in Liberia. There are many people that are affected here in Liberia and therefore the scientists want to make sure that they start their trials in the country. To keep the vaccines under control the trials are done under strict security and in a secret location. The aim of the trial is to immunize more than 30,000 volunteers including front-line health workers. Health communities claim that more than 8000 people have died here due to Ebola and in Liberia there were more than 3000 cases reported.


According to the medical communities the numbers of Ebola cases in Liberia have decreased and that is a good sign. The new vaccine will trick the body of the volunteers into producing an immune response and that will provide them with the protection against this deadly disease. While scientists are not sure if the vaccines will provide complete protection or not, but they are sure that it will do some good as it did in the trials. The scientists believe that it will at least help the virus to weaken inside the body to ensure that the patients can fight the disease.

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