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Scientists and Medical Experts Begin Ebola Drug Trials in Liberia

by Shilpa

Ebola has been in the news for quite some time now and medical experts around the world are already in search for the best solution to this disease. A new trial of the potential drug has now begun at the Medecins Sans Frontieres Centre in Liberia. Medical experts are now working on Brincidofovir, the antiviral that is being tested on Ebola patients on a voluntary basis. According to the experts, drugs, blood samples and vaccines are being tested against the disease to ensure that an effective solution can be found to combat this deadly disease. The study will also focus on another similar drug called Favipiravir as it has showed some potential results against the disease.

Ebola Drug Trial

Scientists at Oxford claim that they are testing out brincidofovir because they have found it to be safe at the lab test where it was tested on more than 1000 Ebola patients. Favipiravir is being tested by the French National Institute of Health that is also used for treating influenza. There are other experiments that are also being held here to interrupt the genetic code of the virus called TKM-Ebola. Medical experts are also considering using blood plasma of the patients that have fully recovered from Ebola to combat the disease.

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